Training resources to respond to fast-paced developments in genomics

Dr Jude Haywayd and Dr Imran Rafi, Co-Clinical Champions for RCGP's Genomics in Primary Care Programme

Genomics testing is increasing and growing numbers of patients are likely to present to their GP practice, as the gateway to NHS care, with issues and questions relating to themselves or family members. Genomics is already impacting in the fields of cancer and rare disease, altering the management of patients through improving diagnosis and treatment and over time risk prediction and prevention. In primary care this and other aspects of genomics such as pharmacogenomics, prescribing based on genomic profiling are potentially just around the corner.

With funding from Health Education England's Genomics Education Programme, the RCGP has created educational and training resources to introduce and to respond to fast-paced developments in genomics. These are based on outputs from the programme's Primary Care Strategy identifying only those knowledge and skills required by primary care, avoiding overburdening with information.

The College has published a four-part webinar series on familial cancer, rare disease, Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) and ethics. There is also a four-part podcast series with an introduction from RCGP Chair, Professor Helen Stokes Lampard. Podcast topics include genomics terminology, application of genomics in primary care and ethical, legal and social implications of genomics in primary care, including direct-to-consumer testing and pharmacogenomics.

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