RCGP launches Inflammatory Arthritis Toolkit

Dr Daniel Murphy, Clinical Champion Inflammatory Arthritis

General practice is a hugely difficult job; demands on GPs' time are manifold, with increasing workloads, patient numbers and patient complexity. Despite this, GPs across the UK continue to strive to provide the best possible care for the greatest number of patients. I hope that the new RCGP Inflammatory Arthritis Toolkit, developed in partnership with the British Society for Rheumatology, can help GPs improve standards of care in both new and established inflammatory arthritis.

National audits have shown that diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis frequently occurs late; we know that delayed recognition in General Practice contributes to this, with only 18% of referrals occurring within the NICE quality standard timeframe. Evidence shows that delays in diagnosis contribute to worsened patient outcomes; simply put, the longer a patient goes without treatment following disease onset, the more severe their disease is likely to be.

Our RCGP/BSR toolkit aims to give busy GPs all the resources they require to improve practice and reduce this delay in diagnosis.  From links to the latest evidence about inflammatory arthritis, through signposting to resources to improve skills in history taking, examination and managing comorbidity, to explanations of NICE quality standards and suggestions for audit.

The quality of care offered by UK General Practice continues to rank as some of the highest in the world. Resources such as the RCGP/BSR Inflammatory Arthritis toolkit allow GPs to continue to improve standards of practice and outcomes for patients.

FREE Event: Improving patient care in Inflammatory Arthritis and COPD - 26 January 2018, Swansea

The RCGP invite you to attend a half day workshop focused on improving patient care in two common clinical areas, inflammatory arthritis and COPD. Please register for the event.

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