Top tips for Person-Centred Care

Dr David Paynton, RCGP Clinical Champion for Person Centred Care

The RCGP is working with NHS England to support GPs and primary care teams deliver person-centred care (PCC) for long term conditions. The person-centred care approach can, and has, reduced pressure on the primary care team and bring increased professional satisfaction to GPs.

Up and down the country GPs are struggling to improve the outcome for those people with long term conditions. PCC emphasise a proactive approach in identifying those who would benefit.
By empowering individuals to take an active role in managing their own health, working alongside the GP's medical expertise and using non-medical solutions such as social prescribing and health coaching on "what is important to me" we can take back some control into our professional lives as well as improving patient outcomes over time.

Think of a person with complex problems, perhaps with COPD, social isolation, and depression where despite all your efforts, nothing seems to change despite your clinical efforts.

PCC is a new way of working that develops a process including multidisciplinary team working, a care planning process that works focussing on the person in the context of their life and richer conversations.

You will find more information in our video: Personalised care for people with long term conditions: A changing GP approach

Our top-tips include:

  1. Involve the whole surgery – especially the practice manger – to understand why person-centre care (PCC) is important and how it will help in the long run.
  2. Start small with a defined cohort and develop from there.
  3. Recognise that PCC will not work for everyone. There will always be some who will struggle initially with the process. 

The college has an increasing clinical network of champions across the UK putting PCC into mainstream clinical work.

To view our full list of PCC resources please visit our person-centred care page

View our full list of PCC FAQ's, top tips and mythbusters [PDF]

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