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RCGP Questions on General Practice

In order to inform the debate about general practice in Scotland, RCGP Scotland is holding a Virtual Hustings event. Our event aims to consider some of the key issues facing general practice and primary care, as identified by GPs from across the sector, and provide an opportunity for the main political parties to outline what actions they think must be taken in the future.

Questions were sent to the Scottish Conservatives, SNP, Scottish Liberal Democrats, Scottish Greens and Scottish Labour. The Party Responses are collated by question for ease of comparison.

Questions that were asked were:

  1. A survey of GPs in 2015 found that over half (54%) feel their current workload is unmanageable or unsustainable. What would you put in place to combat stress and fatigue amongst GPs? Read the response here
  2. In the last five years more than 250 people under the age of 50 have left general practice. Recently released General Medical Council (GMC) data, shows that 529 GPs requested the required Certificate of Good Standing (CGS) paperwork from the Council, which is needed before practising abroad, compared with just 266 in 2009. How do you propose to bring new GPs to Scotland? Or encourage those that have left, to return? Read the response here
  3. Many GPs show that ten minute consultations do not allow adequate time to respond to patients effectively, particularly those with poor mental health, multiple problems and the elderly. What would you do to help alleviate this problem? Read the response here
  4. How would you increase the number of undergraduate medicine places available at Scottish Universities for home students? Would you incentivise universities for each medical student they deliver to general practice training? Read the response here
  5. What would you do to fill the empty GP training places in Scotland? Read the response here
  6. Research has shown that general practices in more deprived areas of Scotland receive less funding per patient than practices in more affluent areas. This is despite evidence of greater health needs - manifest as premature multimorbidity - and increased practitioner stress in more deprived areas. How does your party propose to address this funding imbalance, the inverse care law in action? Read the response here
  7. Do you have a long term strategy for general practice? Read the response here
  8. There seems to be a policy of centralisation of services which is populist in terms of votes influenced but seriously neglects rural communities who appear to be expected to travel 50 miles round trip to see a professional and sometimes 80+ miles to see a doctor. Do Rural communities have a future and does it include healthcare provision? Does it include community hospitals? Read the response here
  9. How would you improve communication between primary and secondary care? Read the response here
  10. RCGP Scotland has consistently argued for 11% of NHS Scotland funding to go to general practice through a series of increases. What percentage would you suggest general practice (not primary care more widely) should receive and why? Read the response here 

Please contact us at if you have any queries relating to the Virtual Hustings.

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