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RCGP virtual hustings

Video hustings for the General Election 2017

Scottish National Party. Dr Philippa Whitford

Liberal Democrats. Norman Lamb

UK Independence Party. Suzanne Evans

Green Party. Larry Sanders

Sinn Fein. Pat Sheehan

As part of our 2017 General Election campaign the College has produced an online hustings, where UK political parties have submitted video statements about their plans for general practice and answered a set of questions that reflect the concerns of our members.

The statements and answers below do not reflect the view of the RCGP and are presented here to inform our members and supporters about the different parties’ plans for general practice. We have invited every party who won a seat in the 2015 General Election to take part, but not all have submitted responses. 

Answers to written questions

In addition to the video statements above, the political parties have also submitted written answers to a set of questions reflecting the concerns of our members.
To find out more about the parties’ plans for general practice, check out the answers to the questions below:

  • Q1: Will your party increase investment in general practice, and to what level? Read the answers here [PDF]
  • Q2: In government how would your party increase the numbers of GPs in the UK to reduce pressure in the system and improve access? Read the answers here [PDF]
  • Q3: What plans does your party have to grow the wider general practice team? Read the answers here [PDF]
  • Q4: What measures would your party put in place in government to tackle unsustainable workloads in general practice? Read the answers here [PDF]
  • Q5: How would your party improve the retention of older GPs and GPs with caring responsibilities? Read the answers here [PDF]
  • Q6: Will your party guarantee the status of healthcare professionals already working in the UK, and safeguard the GP workforce after Brexit? Read the answers here [PDF]
  • Q7: What are your party’s plans for a sustainable long-term solution to bring down the costs of GP indemnity? Read the answers here [PDF]
  • Q8: GPs need to be equipped with the skills to manage more conditions in the community and to work in the new NHS. We believe GP training should be extended to at least four years. Would your party support this? Read the answers here [PDF]

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