National Association for Patient Participation

UK Ask candidates about general practice

08 May 2017

We want to make sure patient care is at the heart of this election campaign. You can help by standing up for the NHS in your area and making sure that all the candidates in your constituency are putting patients first by backing general practice.

One way to do this is to ask candidates and their volunteers how they are planning to support general practice. If enough people ask them about their family doctors, candidates will push their parties to prioritise this issue.

We’ve produced these questions which you can print out and keep to hand so that you’re well-prepared to quiz anyone who knocks on your door about their candidate’s plans for general practice.

Download the questions here

The message about general practice is getting through thanks to your help. Although most parties haven’t announced their plans yet, we’ve just heard one of the major political parties in Wales has general practice is one of their policy priorities. Let’s work together so that the parties across the UK #putpatientsfirst.

I hope you find these questions useful, and do contact us as with any feedback if you get the chance to ask any questions of your local candidates.

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