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GPFV Our ambasadors are standing up for general practice

08 July 2016

Two of the RCGP's new Regional Ambassadors talk about their work in promoting general practice in their areas.

The College's new Regional Ambassadors are working to the investment and support promised in the General Practice Forward View reaches practices in their areas as quickly as possible.

They are also promoting the values of general practice more widely throughout the NHS.Hear from two of the new Ambassadors about what they see as the opportunities and challenges for general practice in the months ahead. 

Dr Victoria Tzortziou Brown
RCGP Regional Ambassador, North West London 

I am passionate about the role of general practice within the NHS and I believe its core values of person-centeredness and holism combined with its population health approach are becoming even more critical in view of the increasing healthcare demands at a time of workforce and financial challenges.

Over the last two years, the RCGP has argued the case for a well-resourced primary care.  Following the publication of NHS England’s GP Forward View it is vital that the College influences the development of new models of care and is involved in Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) decisions locally in order to ensure and enable high quality primary care provision.

Working alongside Dr Mo Ali (with whom I am sharing the role), I am looking forward to promoting the values of general practice as an Regional Ambassador for the College at this critical time for the future of our profession and for the NHS as a whole.


Professor Veronica Wilkie
RCGP Regional Ambassador, Herefordshire and Worcestershire

General Practice is overwhelmed by workload, changing work practices and expectations and morale is low. The RCGP’s Put Patients First, Back General Practice campaign successfully brought the plight of British general practice to the fore, and working alongside the BMA was instrumental in the publication of the GP Forward View by the NHS England.

A recent publication by the Kings Fund (Understanding the pressures on general practice) was able to highlight and start to quantify the pressures in general practice; rising demand, increasing complexity in management, fragmentation of services and disintegration of community teams. The RCGP has shown strong leadership in making this clear to those that commission general practice and the need for action.

The GP Forward View puts together a plan to re-invest in general practice, committing an extra £2.4 billion a year to support GP services by 2020, and a one off £500 million sustainability package to support GPs.  It appears that there is high level support but little is known about how the more local arrangements will actually work, especially as acute services and hospitals are also showing signs of severe strain.

GPs have also had to deal with a lot of change over the years. STPs (Sustainability and Transformation Plans) are yet another change but GPs need to be in at the start to make a difference for our patients.


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