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DearColleague campaign launches in NI

12 March 2018

This week, medical and health professionals from across Northern Ireland are taking to Twitter show mutual respect for their colleagues and share good examples of how working closely together can benefit patients.

Politicians told that GPs have key role in tackling impact of health inequalities

28 February 2018

People from poorer backgrounds face greater barriers in accessing healthcare. GPs have a crucial role to play in tackling the difference in health outcomes between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ in our society.

Patients urged to think 3 before GP in Scotland

08 February 2018

Patients in Scotland are being asked to adopt a three-step approach when thinking of booking an appointment with their GP to help alleviate pressures on general practice.

Winter Pressures

07 February 2018

The RCGP has been hard at work over the winter for our members and for patients. With Winter Pressures at the forefront of every debate we have been influencing politicians in the Lords and the Commons on behalf of general practice.

Welsh Health Questions: EMIS, IT Failure, OOH Provision

02 February 2018

This week’s Health Questions in the Welsh Assembly would be of interest for many GPs, with topics under the spotlight including EMIS, the IT failure and out of hours provision.

NI tips before you see your GP

26 January 2018

Patients in Northern Ireland are being asked to consider a new three-step guide to help alleviate pressures in general practice.

3 Before GP launches in Wales

26 January 2018

RCGP Wales is asking patients to adopt a three-step mantra when booking an appointment with a GP.

Download your 3 Before GP poster

18 January 2018

The Royal College of GPs continues to raise awareness of the pressures on general practice, the first point of contact for millions of patients in the NHS. GPs and their wider team are under growing pressure as GP workload continues to increase.

The College has therefore launched a new campaign “Three before GP” which enables patients to help relieve pressures on GP services by adopting a three-step mantra before booking an appointment.

NI GPs call on politicians to put patients first and save our health service

12 January 2018

Early January marks one year since the collapse of our local political institutions. While we have faced over 365 days of no political decision making, our health and social care services continue to struggle under immense strain and pressure.

WALES Government faces questions over winter pressures

12 January 2018

Winter pressures have once again been making headlines. Over recent weeks media coverage has been dominated by stories focusing on the pressure facing our health and social care services.

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