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WALES Busy week in the Senedd for RCGP Wales

23 June 2016

RCGP Wales Chair, Dr Rebecca Payne, describes this week's exciting events in the Senedd, and if you're a GP, she explains how you can contact your new AM and invite them to find out more about general practice.

GPFV: Visiting GP practices of the future

21 June 2016

Over the last few months we’ve been co-hosting events with NHS England to allow GPs and other interested people to find out more about how experimental new models of care vanguards are working in practice. We’re delighted to have had a fantastic response to the events overall.

More funding needed in face of falling GP numbers

15 June 2016

We were disappointed to learn today that the number of whole time equivalent GPs working in Scotland has fallen by 90, according to new information from NHS Scotland.

Meeting local influencers at N.A.P.P. conference

14 June 2016

This weekend RCGP Campaigns Officer Eleanor was delighted to meet members of campaign partners N.A.P.P. (National Association for Patient Participation) at their annual conference in Warrington.

RCGP Scotland mentioned in Holyrood

14 June 2016

This week saw reference to general practice in the Scottish Parliament’s ‘Taking Scotland Forward: Health’ debate on Tuesday 7 June.

Integrated care in general practice

10 June 2016

The GP Forward View has given us the opportunity to provide the government with the solutions we want to see to the problems that general practice is grappling with. This includes our work on the wider practice team.

Collaboration in new Vanguards

01 June 2016

The Vanguard sites are areas trialling new ways of providing primary care and general practice to their local populations. Our Chair, Dr Maureen Baker, shares her thoughts on her recent visit to the Northumberland Accountable Care Organisation.

GP practices offered recruitment support

27 May 2016

Practices who have experienced difficulty in recruiting GPs will be offered support to recruit doctors returning to general practice.

Delivering the GP Forward View

19 May 2016

Since the announcement of the GP Forward View we’ve been working hard to make sure it is implemented swiftly and effectively for the benefit of patients and GPs.

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