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Host an MP practice visit in England

GP Practice visits campaign action

With Parliament out for the summer, it’s the ideal time to meet your MPs in person and make sure they’re aware of the difficulties GPs are facing locally and nationwide. That’s why we’re asking you to take this opportunity to visit your MP and ask them to spend time at their local GP practice.

How to visit your MP

Your MP was elected to serve you and your community. So whether you voted for them or not, they are there to help you; by exerting their influence in local and national government, or helping you to sort out problems with local agencies.

We’re asking you to visit your MP to tell them about the Put patients first: Back general practice campaign and encourage them to take (at least) one of three actions:

  • Spend some time in a GP Practice to find out more about the day-to-day difficulties GPs are facing
  • Hold their constituency surgery in a GP surgery (a “surgery in a surgery”) and work with us to gain press coverage for the campaign
  • Write to the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, calling on him to work towards implementing the campaign aims

How to set up a meeting or visit

To set up a meeting you will need to first find out who your MP is. Visit and click on “MPs, Lords & offices”. You can then search for your MP by postcode. Your local MP, their picture and contact information will be provided and you can either call the constituency office, or email to set up an appointment. Contact for assistance.

On the day

Your meeting might be at the MP’s constituency office, or in a local library or other community space. We’ve provided you with a briefing to take with you. This means you’ll have the facts to refer to as you speak, and you can also leave it with the MP to remind them of what you’ve agreed.

Download the RCGP's Briefing for MPs [PDF]

Telling your story

Your influence with the MP comes from your local experiences so make sure you tell your personal story. Why do you support the Put Patients First campaign? What has your GP practice done for you? Or if you’re a GP, how are the pressures and strains of underinvestment affecting you? Make sure the MP understands how and why this campaign is important to you.

Setting up a practice visit

Ideally we’d like your MP to agree to visit the local GP practice. If you’re a GP or you work in a GP practice  yourself you might want to invite them to spend some time with you, or if you’re a patient you can put your MP in touch with who can set up the meeting on your behalf.

MPs are frequently given this kind of request and we have already run many successful GP practice visits. If you're interested in setting up a practice visit, download our practical guide on how to go about doing this and making it a success.

Download the RCGP's MP Practice Visit Guide [PDF]

If they aren’t able to take part in a practice visit, please do encourage them to write to Jeremy Hunt in support of the campaign, or to hold one of their constituency surgeries inside a local GP surgery.

After the visit

Whatever you have agreed, make sure that you contact the MP’s office, preferably in writing, confirming what you have discussed and what the MP has agreed to do. If the MP is going to visit your GP practice, send over some possible dates. If you haven’t heard from them within two weeks, follow it up with a phone call.


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