Ross Stewart

Scottish General Practice requires strong, robust and enduring representation to the RCGP and to Scottish Government. I have spent the past ten years as a trainee doctor trying to provide passionate representation for fellow trainees in both surgical specialties and general practice. Starting as a GP Partner immediately post CCT, I believe now is the time to start representing fellow GPs on today's issues and on the profession's future.

If you vote me onto Scottish Council, you will have a representative who will focus on the following urgent issues:

  1. Recruitment into Scottish General Practice through use of noval enterprising ideas and solutions.
  2. Retaining our role as family doctors, seeing our patients in clinic and avoiding a career path whereby we "manage" patient care from a distance.
  3. Placing rural general practice at the heart of our governments health plans. We are after all a coastal nation historically built on farming, fishing and small communities.
  4. Holding Scottish Government to account over broken promises of funding. I believe that this money should be utilised to recruit into General Practice and to modernise our antiquated IT.
  5. Ensuring that colleagues who are negotiating contracts on our behalf, understand the desires of Scottish GPs and where we want our careers to go.
  6. Urgent improvement in communication between primary and secondary care. I believe GPs should have provision in our weekly diary to visit our patients in hospital to ensure they are receiving holistic care and to share management plans with our consultant colleagues.

I will represent the GP body on these issues and more through strong, robust and enduring representation on Scottish Council should you chose to elect me.

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