RCGP Northern Ireland Council

Dr Grainne Doran. Chair RCGP Northern Ireland. South Eastern Area representativeDr Grainne Doran. Chair RCGP Northern Ireland. South Eastern Area Representative

Professor Frank Dobbs. Northern Area representativeProfessor Frank Dobbs. Northern Area Representative

Dr Laurence Dorman. Deputy Chair Policy, Southern Area representativeDr Laurence Dorman. Deputy Chair Policy, Southern Area Representative

Dr Nigel Hart. Academic representativeDr Nigel Hart. Academic Representative

Dr Adrienne Keown. Southern area representativeDr Adrienne Keown. Southern Area Representative

Dr Emma Murtagh. Belfast Area representativeDr Emma Murtagh. Belfast Area Representative


Dr Rebecca McGinley. Belfast Area representativeDr Rebecca McGinley. Belfast Area Representative

Dr Ursula Mason. Belfast Area RepresentativeDr Ursula Mason. Belfast Area Representative

Dr Philip Lusty. Southern Area RepresentativeDr Philip Lusty. Southern Area Representative

Dr John Goodrich. Northern Area RepresentativeDr John Goodrich. Deputy Chair Business & Finance, Northern Area Representative

Dr Paul Molloy. Western Area RepresentativeDr Paul Molloy. Western Area Representative / GPC Representative

Dr Miriam Dolan. Rural RepresentativeDr Miriam Dolan. Rural Representative

Dr Jonathan Stewart. AiT RepresentativeDr Jonathan Stewart. AiT Representative

Dr Waqar Ahmed. RCGP ROI RepresentativeDr Waqar Ahmed. RCGP ROI Representative

  • Dr Brendan O'Shea. RCGP ROI & ICGP Representative (Image not available)
  • Dr Claire Loughrey. NIMDTA representation (Image not available)
  • Dr Martina Molloy. Western Area Representative (Image not available)
  • Dr Katie Henderson. Deputy AiT Representative (Image not available)
  • Dr Brendan O'Shea. ICGP / RCGP ROI Representative (Image not available) 
  • Dr Frew Johnston. Northern Area Representative (Image not available) 

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