Exhibitions at RCGP

The Royal College of GPs is delighted to host What Once Was Imagined (WOWI) at 30 Euston Square, the home of general practice.

Pharmacopoeia is a unique blend of art and medicine, comprising GP and College Fellow Dr Liz Lee, and textile artist Susie Freeman. Together their work explores several pertinent issues for general practice.

The exhibition includes 28 fantastic pieces of art – many being shown for the very first time – explore topics including mental health, antimicrobial resistance, lifestyle medicine, chronic disease and contraception, to name a few.

It celebrates advances in medical research that mean our patients can live longer, and diseases that were once seen as a death sentence are now treatable.

It also explores new and unexpected challenges facing medicine, such as overdiagnosis, and questions such as 'are we simply prescribing too many pills?'

WOWI is a Free Exhibition open to the public at 30 Euston Square, NW1 2FB

Opening hours

  • 10am - 8pm Monday to Friday
  • 10am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday

Read our Upsides and downsides of drug-based medicine explored in new RCGP art exhibition press release 

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