The Awards Ceremony

Our ceremony at the Inspire Awards 2019

Held at the iconic home of Liverpool Football Club, Anfield Stadium, the 2019 Inspire Awards welcomed Members from all across the UK to celebrate the incredible achievements of our most inspiring Member volunteers. As a College we have been both humbled and emboldened by the contributions of our Member volunteers. With over 130 nominations submitted, it is plain to see that our volunteers' work does not go unnoticed.

In total, nineteen awards were given to recognise those GPs, trainees and medical students who have shown tremendous dedication and commitment to the College, and general practice more widely, throughout the year.

The Inspire Awards consists of three categories:

Inspiring the Future Awards

Celebrating exemplary pupil, student and FY engagement work undertaken by GP Societies, students, foundation doctors, and members of the RCGP. These special categories include: GP Society of the Year, Most Improved GP Society, Discover General Practice Champion, Outstanding Teaching in General Practice.

GP society of the year

University of Bristol GP Society

 University of Bristol GP Society, GP Society of the Year  This award recognises the achievements of a GP Society that have delivered a wide variety of events and activities for the benefit of their members and have worked hard to collaborate with other societies, their Medical School, Students' Union and the RCGP in order to shape the local and national general practice landscape.

The judges were inspired by the work of Bristol GP Society over the past 12-months, especially in light of tragic circumstances. Their work has gone above and beyond the usual scope of a GP Society and they continue to consider innovative solutions and ideas to better promote general practice amongst their peers. The judges felt that this Bristol GP Society embodies the worth, value and importance of local student-led support networks for those considering careers in general practice.

Discover GP champion

Dr Dylan Parry

Professor Mayur Lakhani with Dr Dylan Parry, Discover GP Champion   This award is given to an RCGP member, or group of members, who have shown real commitment and dedication to inspiring tomorrow's GPs. Tirelessly enthusing and engaging pupils, students and foundation doctors to consider a career in general practice.

The judges were blown away with by Dylan’s obvious passion and dedication to inspiring school pupils and students to choose a career in general practice. Dylan offers countless hours to his Faculty and continues to offer support and accessible activity to those considering applying to medical school, his 'GP Schools' event being a huge testament to his efforts. Our Champion’s nomination has reinforced his status as a local 'GP Hero' across North Wales.

Most Improved GP Society

Imperial College London GP Society

Professor Mayur Lakhani and the Imperial College London GP SocietyThis award recognises the growth and development of a GP Society over the past year. Through hard work and dedication, this society has grown their membership and delivered a successful programme of activity.

The judges felt that Imperial College London GP Society had made great strides over the past 12 months resulting in a greater programme of activity, stronger ties with both the medical school and the RCGP and topped off by delivering an academic poster at the RCGP's City Health Conference 2019.

Award accepted by the undergraduate teaching team of Imperial College London on behalf of the GP Society.

Outstanding Teaching in General Practice

Dr Susanna Petche

Dr Susanna Petche, Outstanding Teaching in General Practice with Professor Mayur Lakhani This award is given to an RCGP member, or group of members, who have delivered exceptional undergraduate teaching in general practice. From classroom-based activity to clinical placements, their teaching has had a profound impact on the students they have taught.

The judges could not deny how impressed they were with Susanna's dedication and creativity to general practice teaching and the feedback she receives from medical students is testament to this. This 'outstanding teacher' is regarded as an integral member of the teaching team and her nomination speaks loudly of the love and respect she has from her colleagues. The judges were also very impressed by her clear passion for mental health which led to the development of positive initiatives which aim to enhance the mental wellbeing of medical students and foundation doctors across Brighton.

Member of the Year Awards 

Celebrating individuals who truly go above and beyond in their efforts to ensure general practice, and the people within it, is the best that it can be. Each career stage is recognised with its own award: Student, Foundation Doctor, AiT, First5, Member, Fellow, Retired Member of the Year.

Medical Student of the Year

Emma Tonner, University of Leeds

Professor Mayur Lakhani and Emma Tonner
Over the course of the year Emma has found innovative ways to engage with local GPs, her Medical School and the RCGP in order to provide an outstanding experience for those considering a career in general practice

The Judges said:

"Emma has made a terrific contribution to the College's activity aimed at engaging medical students and is a fantastic ambassador for RCGP and its student members. She has regularly gone above and beyond to represent the College and their peers, with such enthusiasm to promote the best of general practice. This isn't the last we'll see of our winner!"

Foundation Doctor of the Year

Dr Devina Maru

Devina has gone above and beyond for the benefit of the profession. As a champion for general practice, she has found innovative ways to engage with local GPs, her Foundation School and the RCGP in order to provide an outstanding experience for those considering a career in general practice.

"The judges were seriously impressed with the sheer amount that Devina has achieved whilst volunteering for the College. Devina has played an integral role in enhancing the College's efforts to support foundation doctors, an area of work previously overlooked. She is a credit to the RCGP and without a doubt will make a fantastic GP trainee. Devina is certainly one to watch!"

Associate in Training of the Year

Dr Alexander Lai

Dr Alexander Lai, Associate in Training of the Year with Professor Mayur Lakhani
Alex is a mover and a shaker within his training community. He is a natural collaborator and has actively sought opportunities to improve training in his area and has also grown or started up trainee networks for the benefit of trainees in general

"The judges were delighted to read about the fantastic work carried out during our winner's time as a GP trainee and were impressed with the difference he has made to his peers and to the state of training local to them, much of which has been carried out above and beyond his training commitments. A deep passion and expertise for mental health and wellbeing shone through this nomination and his involvement in the College's Wellbeing Committee has cemented his influence within the College for all to see."

First5 of the Year

Dr Thomas Patel-Campbell

Dr Thomas Patel-Campbell, First5 of the Year with Professor Mayur Lakhani
Thomas is relentless in his passion for general practice. He has many strings to his bow and is active in the promotion of general practice and the College. Our winner is a glowing example of all that an inspiring and a motivating Newly Qualified GP should be

"The judges were blown away by such obvious commitment to the College and, as a First5, the exceptional amount he has taken on locally as part of another of the College’s smallest Faculties. Thomas is clearly very well respected amongst his peer group and has received glowing words from senior leaders of our profession. He embodies the very best of the College's faculty structure, ensuring his faculty is thriving and his influence is now seen on a national platform where he continues to offer positive contributions as a member of UK Council. The judges agree, we’ll be seeing more of this GP!"

Member of the year

Dr Kamilla Kamaruddin

Professor Mayur Lakhani and Kamilla KamaruddinKamilla is an established GP who is engaging, collaborative and innovative to her core. Kamilla embodies the very values of the RCGP and strives to lead by example in all she does. Our Member of the Year is a glorious advocate for general practice and will be for many years to come.

"Kamilla's inspiring story grabbed the judges' attention from the first sentence of the nomination. It was a story of turning exceptional personal experiences into such positive and inspiring work, specifically for the College as part of the recently-formed LGBT+ Steering Group. Kamilla is an exceptional member of the RCGP, who regularly offers her time and skills to better the support and experience of her peers and importantly her patients."

Retired Member of the Year

Dr Chris Manning

Professor Mayur Lakhani with Dr Chris Manning, Retired Member of the Year   This award recognises an individual who has left clinical practice but has not left the love of general practice behind them. Chris has this in spades and is passionate about sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with all who may benefit. Chris does more than cheer from the side-lines, he steers from the front.

"The judges were impressed with Chris's commitment to mental health and the wellbeing of our members. Some time after retiring from practice, he continues to offer his time, skills and passion to further the College's all-important wellbeing activity, including helping to develop the RCGP's very first wellbeing library over the past year. He is an outstanding example of all that it is possible to achieve after retiring from practice."

Fellow of the Year

Dr Diarmuid Quinlan

This award recognises an RCGP Fellow who has gone over and above in their capacity as Fellow. Diarmuid is an ambassador for excellence, a champion of best practice and a thought leader for the future of general practice.

"Diarmuid impressed the judges with his commitment to RCGP Republic of Ireland and the extraordinary work he has led over the past 12-months, headlined with a hugely successful "rejuvenation" of their spring general meeting which he increased attendance of threefold. As a Fellow, he has gone above and beyond to enhance engagement with members in the RoI, promoting Fellowship and inspiring the next generation having established new initiatives to inspire medical students towards a career in general practice."

Special Recognition Awards

Recognising dedicated individuals and groups who have shown commitment to a GP community or special interest group and those longstanding contributors who have given so much of their career to bettering the profession and the College. These awards are: Outstanding Contribution to a GP Community or Special Interest Group and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Outstanding contribution to a GP community

The LGBT+ Steering Group

The LGBT+ Steering Group This award seeks to recognise the most dedicated of individuals who have shown boundless commitment and dedication to a GP community or special interest group, either through promotion and profile raising, fundraising, growing the community or group, collaborative working and inspiring others to get involved.

"The LGBT+ group are GPs who came together and volunteered to develop, orchestrate and deliver activities across the country that could not fail to be noticed! The Judges were seriously impressed with the breadth and quality of work carried out by the College's newly formed LGBT+ Steering Group, which is driven by Members offering their time on a voluntary basis. From the festivals of Pride to encouraging inclusiveness within the GP community, to enhancing training for GPs; the group has genuinely made waves across the GP community and therefore are fitting recipients of this award. These Members have genuinely made an outstanding contribution to the LGBT+ community."

Lifetime Achievement

Dr Henry Jack

Dr Henry Jack with Professor Helen-Stokes-LampardThis award is given to a spectacular RCGP Member for whom volunteering has formed a considerable element of their career. The winner of this award has contributed to local, regional or national voluntary initiatives or roles throughout the years with a focus on promoting general practice across the health and medical industry for the benefit of GPs and patients alike.

"Dr Jack has been an enduring presence in Irish General Practice, and in the RCGP in Ireland for over 60 years. He is a Foundation member of both the RCGP and the Irish College of General Practitioners.

Dr Jack joined the RCGP in 1957, was a member of the East of Ireland Faculty and later RCGP Republic of Ireland Faculty. He was Provost of both these Faculties and continues to remain an active board member of the RCGP Republic of Ireland Faculty despite now being in his 90s. Henry was also a member of the Executive of the Irish College of General Practitioners from 2000 to 2003, being the President of the ICGP from 2001 to 2002.

As a clinician, Henry served his patients with great diligence and affection for many years, practicing in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin from 1955 to 1993. As a teacher, he has educated generations of students. As a mentor, he is approachable & knowledgeable and is a constant source of support to many younger doctors and his colleagues.

Dr Jack was awarded the RCGP Certificate of Commendation by Prof. Helen Stokes-Lampard in December 2018. Henry is still as important an asset today as he was to the College back in 1957. If anyone can demonstrate a lifetime's service to general practice, it is Dr Henry Jack."

Dr Jack could not be with us to accept his award in person but he sent these words of thanks, which Dr Mayur Lakhani presented:

"I am accepting this award on behalf of all those who did much more than I did, those gentlemen and ladies who are no longer with us" - Dr Henry Jack 

Dr Mayur Lakhani announcing the Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr Henry Jack


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