Make even more of your membership by joining our community. Network and connect with your peers, develop personally and professionally and know you are supporting great doctors, providing great care – three incredible reasons to get involved.

Ways to get involved

Our door is always open to new volunteers; if you want to get involved, get in touch with us today.

Supporting locally

A group of RCGP volunteers on a London street holding blowup postcard posters

Do you like to lead the local GP agenda?

Our Faculties are at the heart of delivering local services as part of improving the quality of general practice in their local areas and supporting members wherever they are.

We have a number of Faculty Board positions opening throughout the year with excellent leadership opportunities and roles to get involved in exciting local and UK wide initiatives.

Encouraging the discovery of general practice

Are you excited about inspiring future GPs?

We are committed to inspiring tomorrow's GPs, not only to fulfil an ever-growing workforce need but to ensure that all pupils, students and foundation doctors understand and value the role and responsibilities of a GP. As a Discover GP Champion you can get involved in a range of exciting opportunities, from giving inspiring career talks in schools and universities to providing buddying support for those deciding about a career in general practice.

Mentoring other GPs

Do you enjoy connecting with and inspiring other GPs? 

As an RCGP Mentor you'll make a real difference to the personal and professional lives of your peers by supporting GPs with one-to-one support, guidance, encouragement and inspiration during times of transition and personal and professional development needs so they reach their full potential as great doctors providing great care. Visit the RCGP mentoring hub for further info.

Leadership roles

Would you like to help guide the future direction of our work and the GP profession?

Our leadership positions are an ideal opportunity to support the RCGP, make decisions and ensure members’ voices are represented in everything we do. Our members on Trustee committees support the strategic and efficient conduct of our business across various areas of our work and our members part of the College Council and associated committees help make decisions on strategic and clinical policy issues related to the GP and healthcare profession.

Clinical Advisers Network

Our groups are a community of health professionals with shared interest in advancing specific areas of medicine in general practice. Find out more about the Clinical Advisers Network.

Supporting globally

Are you passionate about improving primary care and family medicine globally?

Our vision is of a world where excellent person-centred care in family medicine is at the heart of healthcare. We have exciting project specific international opportunities that arise throughout the year and include GP Trainer positions, opportunities to influence the international agenda through the work of our College committees, groups and networks and bilateral or multilateral partnerships with various global health stakeholders such as VSO.

Influencing through our policy and campaigning work

Do you want to use your voice to improve the future of general practice?

You can be involved in our campaigning locally and nationally by signing up to our supporter list. Every year thousands of our supporters, made up of GPs, patients and other health professionals across the UK share our campaigns, and advocate for general practice.

We listen to what our members feel needs to change and improve and represent those views to government, in Parliament and to bodies like the NHS and Public Health England. Our recent campaigns have secured an additional £4.5 billion in funding for general practice and kickstarted the recruitment of a thousand social prescribers in England. You can be a part of this too.

Special Interest Groups

RCGP Special Interest Groups are a community of health professionals with shared interest in advancing specific areas of medicine in general practice, learning or technology. Members meet collaborate and plan new projects and find solutions within their chosen field. Find out more about Special Interest Groups.

Volunteering testimonials

Don't just take our word for it - volunteering for RCGP is worthwhile, valuable and rewarding. Here's what some of our volunteers have to say about it.

The RCGP Myanmar Volunteers have been actively working with Myanmar since 2013 to improve the quality of Myanmar General Practice.

Myanmar volunteering testimonial

Dr Clare Etherington, Ridgeway Surgery, Harrow, discusses her pride in the Ridgeway Surgery PPG.

Ridgeway Surgery PPG testimonial

Dr Aaliya Goyal discusses her experiences of volunteering for the RCGP.

Opportunities testimonial

Dr Mona Aquilina, LCARM Committee Chair, discusses volunteering opportunities for doctors approaching retirement.

Later career testimonial

Dr Simon Tobin discusses being a volunteer Ambassador for Health and Wellbeing at parkrun.

parkrun testimonial

Celebrating our volunteers

A group of RCGP volunteer award winners holding their certificates, with the words 'Celebrate our Volunteers' emblazoned across the bottom

We love to celebrate our amazing Members and the work they do for us and with us each and every day, often giving their time and energy in tough and challenging circumstances.

We try to say 'thank you' in many ways throughout the year, but our two milestones for showing maximum appreciation are National Volunteers' Week which we celebrate each June and our annual Inspire Awards which are the perfect opportunity to bring Members together to celebrate the year of volunteering in style.

Volunteers' Week

“We want to thank you” – a message with meaning to our advocates and volunteers

“From myself and the RCGP Officer team, we want to say ‘thank you’ to all our volunteer GPs and advocates who have supported the College and continued to do such great work during the pandemic.

"We are hugely impressed and tremendously grateful for all your work locally, regionally and across the UK and beyond.

"It may seem like a peculiar time to say 'thank you' when we know we're not out of the woods just yet. But as we celebrate National Volunteers' Week, we want you to know that we think you have done an amazing job – keeping core services going during periods of great uncertainty and risk, delivering the vaccine campaign and supporting the College in your many, varied capacities… all on top of the day job.

"Without the commitment and dedication of advocates and volunteers like you, we simply couldn’t continue the work we do and affect the change we seek. Thank you!

"Stay well and keep going."

- Prof. Amanda Howe, President RCGP on behalf of the RCGP Officer Team

What is Volunteers' Week?

Every year, Volunteers' Week, 1-7 June, is a time to say thank you for the incredible contribution volunteers make.

Time to Say Thanks

At the RCGP, the professional membership body for general practitioners, our volunteers are a huge range of people making an incredible contribution to the profession and patient care. They are our GP members: 

  • Shaping the future of general practice as school speakers.
  • Being a champion of the profession through our policy and campaigning work and local, regional and UK wide College leadership.
  • Promoting the professional development and education outcomes for GPs through mentoring and international GP training.

They are also our other incredible public supporters like patients and other members of GP teams, offering their time and skills to the College in groups that contribute to the work of our members. Our incredible staff also support us and others in our extended community through employee volunteering programmes and activities.

Recognising the volunteering response during the COVID-19 pandemic

We are also dedicating this year's Volunteers' Week to the nation's incredible volunteering efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, providing assistance to those who need it, including GPs working on the frontline. It's been so inspiring to see our national culture of volunteering and community spirit shine through the many local support groups and volunteering networks. 

We are therefore thanking the huge range of people who give their time to supporting the profession in so many ways. Read the testimonials and watch the video on some of the ways our volunteers get involved.

Volunteering resources 

Key resources you need to support you in your role as one of our fantastic volunteers.

Your guide to RCGP membership volunteering

RCGP membership volunteering handbook (2MB PDF)

The RCGP Way Values (650KB PDF)  

Membership pledge - our vision and plan for membership (2MB PDF)

Resources for your role

Stay current: the latest edition of GP Frontline

RCGP mentoring


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