RCGP Strategic plan 2020 - 2023

Putting members at the heart of everything we do. 

Our Mission and values

Our mission is to encourage, foster and maintain the highest possible standards of patient care in general practice, across the UK and worldwide.

We do this by working with our members: to define the skills that GPs need; to provide them with education and support to deliver quality patient care; to shape the future of general practice; and to be the voice of the profession.

Our values describe the principles that guide us as we work to achieve our mission. We strive to demonstrate:

  • Compassion – for our patients, the populations we serve, our members, our colleagues and ourselves.
  • Inclusivity – we value diversity as part of our communities and treat each individual with equal respect.
  • Sustainability – we look to the future and care about the long-term wellbeing of our members and colleagues, our profession, our patients and the world around us.
  • Accountability – we take responsibility for the results of our actions and continuously strive to be the best that we can be.
  • Integrity – we are honest, open-minded, ethical, evidence-based and fair.

Our priorities

General practice is under huge strain. Patient demand has escalated, in terms of both volume and complexity, while successive governments have failed to invest in the family doctor service appropriately. As a result, we now have a severe shortage of GPs grappling under pressures that are unprecedented for the profession.

Our landmark publication Fit for the Future outlines the College’s vision for revitalising the profession over the next decade and supporting general practice to meet the health needs of the future – for the benefit of GPs and their practice teams, as well as patients and the wider NHS.

This strategy sets out what the College is going to do over the next three years to make rapid progress in translating that vision into reality and delivering tangible improvements to the working lives of frontline GPs.

Its title is ‘Putting members at the heart of everything we do’ because having a strong, active membership is critical - not just to the College, but to the profession and to patients. Only through our engagement with our members can we have the impact that we desire in enabling GPs to provide the best possible care and creating an environment in which general practice can flourish.

By working together with you, our members, we can make being a GP the best it can be, now and in the future.

Our four priorities for 2020-2023:

Priority 1 - Shape and deliver practical solutions to tackle workload pressures and sustain and equip GPs to provide the best possible patient care.

Why we have identified this priority

Being a GP is a fantastic job, but we understand how challenging it can be. You’ve told us how much pressure you’re under as a result of a steadily rising workload and increasing patient expectations, against the backdrop of a rapidly changing practice environment.

We want to equip you with the resources to sustain and develop you in your clinical practice and as leaders of multi-disciplinary teams. This includes taking advantage of the opportunities offered by new technology; and supporting you to implement change in a way that improves your working life and remains true to the values of whole person, relationship-based care.

Our aim with this priority:

Our aim is that by 2023 you’ll be able to access a range of practical resources that will enable you to tackle workload pressures and deliver relationship-based care in new ways; and that the College will be the first port of call in supporting you to meet your professional development needs.

To achieve this aim we will:

  • Provide you with a one-stop-shop for CPD throughout your career, enabling you to record and reflect on your learning journey and to access high-quality CPD resources that meet your needs.
  • Develop solutions to support you and your teams in implementing key elements of our Fit for the Future vision document, such as continuity of care and the digitally-enabled practice.
  • Work with practices to monitor workload and how it is impacted by new ways of working, including through the development of the Research and Surveillance Centre’s workload observatory.
  • Work with partners to develop new qualifications in family medicine for international doctors, and for UK-based members of the wider primary care team.

Priority 2 - Develop the College into a dynamic and inclusive membership community

Why we have identified this priority:

Our members are our greatest asset. Our membership has continued to grow, but we know that there is more for us to do to ensure that all of our members feel valued, and to make it easier for you to become an active member of the College community.

We need to get better at responding to the diversity of the profession so that all our members feel part of the College, regardless of background, role or career stage, or work setting.

Our aim with this priority:

Our aim is that by 2023 more of you will be engaged in the College and its work, and that you’ll recognise the College as a responsive and inclusive organisation that better reflects the diversity and dynamism of the profession.

To achieve this aim we will:

  • Support our Faculties to increase member engagement through implementation of the RCGP Faculty Strategy.
  • Create new opportunities for you to engage with the College digitally, including the College’s MyRCGP app and online communities of interest.
  • Provide better support and pathways to enable more members to become fellows and replace Membership by Assessment of Performance (MAP) with a more inclusive alternative for established GPs.
  • Remove barriers to member participation and improve information and support to members taking on College leadership roles.

Priority 3 – Promote the contribution of general practice and the role of the GP

Why we have identified this priority:

We’re proud to represent family doctors, and we want you to be proud to be part of the RCGP.

The College has a well-deserved reputation as the home of high standards and quality of care in general practice, but we need to continue to work hard across the UK and internationally to ensure the importance of general practice is recognised and to champion the role of GPs as specialists in whole person, relationship-based medicine.

It’s also critical that we renew our efforts to attract new talent to general practice, to ensure we have a healthy pipeline into the profession and to build the general practice teams of the future; as well as recognising the contribution of existing GPs who keep general practice running and keep millions of patients safe every day.

Our aim with this priority:

Our aim with this priority is that by 2023 you feel that because of the College’s efforts, the contribution of general practice and the role of GPs and their teams are more highly valued by patients, the public, politicians and opinion formers. We would also like to see general practice as the preferred destination for more students, doctors and other trainees and professionals considering their career options in the NHS.

To achieve this aim we will:

  • Deliver a member and patient-led campaign to celebrate the value of general practice and promote appropriate and sustainable use of the health service.
  • Hold government and NHS decision-makers across the UK accountable for delivering the increased investment and workforce numbers that general practice needs.
  • Develop the College as the go-to source of information and guidance about general practice as a career.
  • Champion the contribution of general practice by hosting the 2022 WONCA Europe Conference.
  • Maintain the MRCGP as a world-class professional licensing assessment and work with educators and trainers in the UK and internationally to support medical students and trainees into the profession and beyond.

Priority 4 - Ensure members place a high value on their College membership

Why we have identified this priority:

The College needs to be relevant to the working lives of all our members. You need to feel that it is worth being a member of the College and that it makes a positive difference to you both personally and professionally.

We provide a wide range of services and support, but we know that the membership offer is not always as clear or as accessible as it should be. Whether you are in training, have recently qualified, or have many years of experience as a GP, we want to make it easier and more convenient for you to get what you need from the College, when you need it.

We also want to ensure that we are operating as efficiently and effectively as possible and that we continue to have the resources we require to go on delivering our mission in future.

Our aim with this priority:

By 2023 we want to improve member satisfaction levels and the retention rate among all member grades.

To achieve this aim we will:

  • Enhance our CPD offer, and streamline our in-house CPD delivery to drive improved integration and efficiency.
  • Invest in our online presence and digital engagement, and make better use of data to provide you with a more personalised service.
  • Improve our business planning, and support our staff to work more effectively so that they can provide the best possible member value.
  • Develop new income-generating activities aligned to our values and mission, including establishing the College as a leading provider of consultancy advice in primary care development.

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