RCGP Scotland Awards

RCGP Scotland Awards

RCGP Scotland has recently revised and expanded its suite of awards to enhance recognition of the great work being done by members across Scotland and to reflect the ever-changing face of general practice in Scotland. 

The RCGP Scotland awards are:

RCGP Scotland Alastair Donald Award

This award recognises outstanding achievement in the areas of service delivery, education, research and wider contribution to society. It also commemorates the contribution that Dr Alastair Donald made to the RCGP as a national College leader, revolutionising the way in which RCGP was structured and, in his retirement, working to document the work of those whose work shaped general practice.

2019 Award Winner: Dr Elaine McNaughton FRCGP DRCOG DFSRH

Nomination Summary 

Dr McNaughton epitomises the attributes of this award and has excelled in all areas of general practice both locally and nationally. She is an outstanding grassroots GP with 30 years in her practice in Carnoustie, where she is well respected by her patients, colleagues and community. She goes above and beyond to help those in her care or under her tutorage. Her empathetic manner and depth of knowledge is at the heart of her practice and she inspires trust and respect from those whom she cares for.

She has been outstanding in local healthcare design, influencing the development of a regional diagnostic centre and working to safely and effectively merge the local practices in Carnoustie into a purpose-built centre with allied health care teams readily available. She had been instrumental in the education of GPs for two decades and has worked with NHS Education for Scotland to inspire, influence and train the GPs of the future. She has mentored and supported hundreds of trainees, many of whom choose to remain in Tayside after completion of training because of her input. Her work with supporting Scottish Doctors in Difficulty within NHS Education for Scotland has led to a recognition of the importance in supporting trainees. Throughout her NES role she has contributed to multiple research projects and helped to develop the Enhanced Significant Event Analysis tool, looking specifically at human factors.

During her career she has been, and remains, an active member of RCGP, at local, Scotland and UK levels – most recently as RCGP Scotland Deputy Chair for Policy. Her diplomatic and collaborative skills allowed her to flourish within this role, fighting for the profession that she loves. She has always encouraged and supported younger GPs to take on roles within the East Scotland Faculty, leading to the young and vibrant faculty that is there now.  She has worked tirelessly to inspire the next generation of GPs, helping to found the RCGP Scotland Recruitment and Retention Group and aims to tackle the recruitment difficulties in general practice.

She has shown an unstinting dedication to her patients, committed contributions to medical education and research, has mentored and encouraged young doctors and has had vast involvement in the promotion of general practice in collaboration with the wider primary care team.

RCGP Scotland Outstanding GP Award

The award recognises the outstanding achievement of quality patient care. GPs can be nominated by their colleagues and peers or, where applicable, by the local PPG/patient group.

2019 Award Winner: Dr Paul Deehan

Nomination Summary

Dr Deehan emanates consistent qualities of leadership and integrity, setting himself apart on occasion as the lone positive voice, working for a pragmatic solution. He was a post-graduate medic, self-funding his medical degree following the completion of his first degree of zoology – his determination and resilience being demonstrated at an early part of his career. His colleagues describe him as an all-round great guy; supportive of all and goes above and beyond for each and every one of his patients. He demonstrates clinical acumen and humanity at its core. He has been enthusiastic in embracing advances in technology, working through innovation, and has worked to build the interface relationships in his area. He is valued by his local secondary care colleagues and he always finds the time for others. He is an example of what the future of general practice should be built upon – exemplary leadership and professional values, with the patient at the heart.

RCGP Scotland Outstanding GP Practice Award

The award recognises the outstanding achievement of quality patient care by a practice team. Practice teams can be nominated by patients within the community they serve or by a local PPG/patient group, where applicable.

2019 Award Winner: St Triduana's Medical Practice

Nomination Summary

St Triduana's Medical Practice is highly regarded by its patients, the community and neighbouring practices. It is an excellent example of current general practice and the team-based approach ensures excellent patient care. They enthusiastically engage with new initiatives and have worked with the community link worker programme to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in the community.

RCGP Scotland/NES Outstanding GP Trainee Award

The award recognises the outstanding achievement of a GP Trainee in Scotland who has completed GP training in the last 18 months. Trainees can be nominated by GP Educational Supervisors and TPDs who have had direct involvement in their training. The award is a way to recognise a Trainee who has shown outstanding progression throughout their training, in all aspects of GP training. 

2019 Award Winner: Dr Sadaf Shahid MRCGP

Nomination Summary

Dr Shahid's Education Supervisor stated that this trainee has grown as a GP during her training, overcoming initial difficulties to blossom into a well- rounded GP. She has influenced her own future in a way and balanced a tricky family life alongside GP training. Despite the other pressures in her life she has maintained a sense of humour and has shown a progression through training far beyond that of many trainees

RCGP Scotland/NES Outstanding GP Educational Supervisor (Trainer) Award

The award recognises the outstanding achievement of teaching and training by a Scottish GP Educational Supervisor (trainer). It is nominated by GP Trainees who have completed their training and wish to highlight the support, value and training they have received from their Trainer over the previous three years.

2019 Award Winner: Dr David Byford FRCGP

Nomination Summary

Dr Byford, nominated by one of his Trainees, epitomises what is to be an outstanding Educational Supervisor. He is highly respected by all he trains, as approachable and demonstrates high emotional intelligence, valued by his trainees. He has a great sense of humour, making training enjoyable, but doesn't shy away from the 'tough times' of training. He discusses the challenges of general practice but in a way which his trainees can learn from and he supports them in the changing landscape of the profession. He is proactive, teaching whenever the need arises and nudging trainees to stretch themselves further. He continues to enjoy general practice, which installs hope and inspires the trainees and other doctors that he works with.

RCGP Scotland Early Career Academic GP Award

The aim of the Academic GP Award is to encourage and nurture early career academic GPs starting out in their careers. This award demonstrates the achievements of GPs who are starting out in their academic careers, by showcasing their research and demonstrating its importance to general practice based primary care.

2019 Award Winner: Dr Luke Daines

Nomination Summary

Dr Daines' paper on clinical prediction models to support the diagnosis of asthma in primary care has been heralded as an exceptional early career paper by our judges. The paper aims to review the current literature available on this topic and identify the need for further research. This paper will form the basis of his PhD and hopefully yield better, reliable prediction tools in asthma management that are fit for purpose.

RCGP Scotland/Scottish Government Cluster Local Improvement Project Award

The aim of the Cluster Improvement Project Award is to encourage Clusters in Scotland to showcase innovative ways of working and local quality improvement, which embody the objectives of Realistic Medicine.

2019 Award Winner: South West Angus, NHS Tayside

Nomination Summary

South West Angus's winning project has demonstrated the importance and usefulness of third sector organisations to patients and their families. The cluster recognised a high proportion of low level mental health issues within their patient population which requires longer GP appointments and time. They brought third sector organisations such as Penumbra and Parent2parent to within the practice building, allowing access for children and adults to almost instant one on one support and help. Both organisations have had a huge impact on the patients and their families and are hugely valued by the community they serve.

RCGP Scotland Student Award for Creativity in General Practice 2020

Nominations are now closed for this award. An announcement on the winning entry will be made at the DiscoverGP Conference in Dundee on 8 February 2020.

The award will recognise a creative project illustrating the essence of general practice. It is aimed to engage and inspire medical students and foundation doctors and to demonstrate the unique and rewarding career of general practice. Entries are self-nominated and should demonstrate your interpretation/representation of the essence of general practice in a creative medium such as art, craft, poetry, photography, prose, music, blog or another media type.

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