Welcome to the new RCGP blog, where you'll find updates on a range of our activities with posts from RCGP officers, members, staff and guest bloggers.

The new year is a time to reflect on where we’ve come from, so let me take you back in time

1966 was a glorious year for British general practice. After years of under-investment, low morale and public criticism (sound familiar?) the Family Doctor Charter, supported with massive new investment, ushered in a golden age for general practice which lasted for decades. General Practice continues on the journey started by the Charter – larger in scale; team-based, more structured and more proactive care; better facilities; better integration with other parts of the health and care system.

The spread of the Omicron variant is bringing a real sense of déjà vu to Christmas 2021

GPs can always be relied on to rally in a crisis and rally you have, time and again. Two weeks ago, Chief Medical Officer for England Chris Whitty and I wrote to College members asking for your help to deliver the booster programme. Latest figures are that 70% of the eligible population have now been vaccinated and much of that is down to your efforts.

Another call to arms as Omicron takes hold

Requests for general practice teams to go the extra mile – again - are more credible when they come from fellow clinicians than politicians. Trust is important.

A lifeline for practices in need

Dr Julie Grigg, Primary Care Development Adviser, talks about the RCGP team's work.

What do you do to maintain your self-confidence?

Being self-confident is important, particularly for GPs given that we work in the zone of uncertainty. We spend much of our time making best-guess decisions and we’re better at coping with that reality when we feel okay about ourselves.

GPs are core to every effective health system

After two years, I hand on to my successor, Clare Gerada, and will look back on a term of office where for the most part I had no chance to do face to face meetings with members.

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