Using Post Nominals - What MRCGP denotes

If you're a member of the RCGP, you can use the post nominal MRCGP. This indicates that you have successfully completed the MRCGP or the MAP process. It recognises your status as a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners. It also indicates your commitment to maintaining your continuous professional development.

How to use

Members and First 5s : MRCGP

International members: MRCGP [Int]

Fellows: FRCGP

As agreed by the Queen's Counsel, the initials MRCGP (FRCGP) are an acronym for the status of being a Member (Fellow) of the Royal College of General Practitioners. This means that use of the post-nominal is restricted to those who are "in good standing" with the College - doctors who have met all of the requirements for full membership of the College and who maintain that status through payment of an annual subscription fee in accordance with RCGP bye-laws.

Professional obligation

The College takes the view that it is misleading for a non-member to use the post-nominal MRCGP in circumstances where patients or colleagues could reasonably believe it to indicate current membership of the RCGP (and not simply as an indication of past membership at an unspecified date) which can/may be seen as a breach of the professional obligation "to be honest and trustworthy", which is defined by the General Medical Council as one of the duties of a doctor. Such circumstances include using the post-nominal MRCGP/FRCGP on a practice nameplate, website, leaflet or letterhead, or in information supplied to a Primary Care Organization.

Inappropriate use or misuse of the post-nominal is investigated and followed up by the Honorary Secretary's office. It has become apparent that most cases brought to our attention were a result of lack of awareness of the usage rather than any intentional action.

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