Membership survey

Membership survey action plan 2016

In September we reported on the headline findings of the 2016 membership survey. The results helped us create a detailed action plan for various aspects of work across the College. Below is a summary of the 17 action points we’re working on as a result of the survey.

  1. Evaluate the value of our fees and membership proposition. Establish a strategy for fee setting for 2018 and beyond.
  2. Personalise communication with members as much as possible, through email, website, and regular communications, so that members do not receive communication that is not relevant to them.
  3. Explain the value of membership in the context of the five reasons to be a member. All communication and interaction should reinforce these five reasons.
  4. Review and collate the various opportunities members have to get involved and volunteer with the College, detailing the type of activity or involvement, the commitment required, the value to the member concerned. 
  5. Include member involvement and feedback opportunities in programme and activity planning. Review our campaign and activity planning processes so that they are more accessible and involve more member input. 
  6. Summarise and promote the work of Council in a way that is relevant to grass-roots members, and that makes clear how they can contact and interact with Council and reps.
  7. Explore how all members of each faculty can vote for their faculty’s rep on College Council, in line with the way National Reps are elected.
  8. Conduct additional research to identify what works well at a local level, both within and outside the faculty network structure. Review the College approach to localism and ‘grass-roots’ member involvement to extend engagement to more members.
  9. Establish a College-wide calendar of all events and activities, including a process to avoid clashes and duplication, and for collating and disseminating this information to members, to include improving the events booking information on the College website.
  10. Confirm a College-wide integrated CPD strategy which combines delivery based on local need but with whole-College coordination. Include a review of frequency and location of courses and events to maximise this delivery outside of London wherever possible.
  11. Conduct an evaluation of what distinct groups there are within College membership and how their needs are represented in our governance structures, with recommendations for future changes. 
  12. Use the criteria for membership experience, and our core purpose of raising standards, to set the scope of programme boards, team and individual objectives, and budgets and spending.
  13. Identify the impact we’re aiming to have for all member engagement, campaigning, or other activity. Specify what success looks like, and how we intend to measure it.
  14. Provide short summary briefs for each major policy issue, outlining the College position and actions, to be made available on the website and to all staff. 
  15. Review costs and logistics to deliver more remote access to Annual Conference content and activity for those unable to attend in person.
  16. Review planning and governance structures from the perspective of what will deliver the best experience for members.
  17. Deliver training to all staff on how their work relates to and affects the experience members have of the College.

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