AiT Committee Election Results

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After a thorough voting process for the AiT Committee Representatives, we are pleased to announce the following newly elected reps.


Lead (Co)

Dominic Arnold

Dominic Arnold, Lead (Co), Cumbria

"I am a GPST1 in North Cumbria, having completed my foundation training in the same region after qualifying from Swansea Medical School. I am keen to use the role of AiT representative to further the voice of trainees in our region, as well to champion the role of rural general practice trainees."




Gaurav Kataria

Gaurav Kataria, Lead (Co), Cumbria

"As a member of the RCGP FY Steering Group, I was involved in representing the views of foundation year (FY) trainees and bringing their ideas and concerns to the College's forefront as well as finding ways to aid the transition from FY to AiT."





Jennifer Whitaker

Jennifer Whittaker, Deputy, Cumbria

"I am a GPST2 in North Cumbria with an interest in A&E and pre-hospital medicine. Cumbria is a unique location with challenging geography that has historically resulted in difficulties recruiting both at trainee level and of qualified GPs, and can provide barriers to attending educational events around the country. I hope that with better awareness and integration at both a regional and national level, I can represent Cumbrian trainees to help improve the training available locally and develop new improved educational opportunities."



Osipero Opaneye

Ospiero Opaneye, Deputy, Essex

"As a current GPST3 in Chelmsford, I look forward to joining the national network of qualified General Practitioners; but whilst I'm a trainee I would love the opportunity to represent my fellow colleagues in ensuring they get the best quality training experience available."

North and West London


Anthony James

Anthony James, Lead, North and West London

"I am a trainee on The Royal Free VTS scheme, currently taking a post-ST2 OOPE at NHS Digital, as part of the National Medical Director's Clinical Fellow Scheme - an opportunity to develop my leadership and management skills, as well as my interest in digital health."





Vishal Patel

"I am a dual-trained GPST3 and pharmacist, representing GP trainees in London for a second term. Furthermore, I am part of the Local Medical Committee and serve as social secretary for my cohort."

Humber and the Ridings


Ali Raza

"I am running for Deputy rep for Humber and Ridings. I moved to UK about 4 years ago and fell in love with NHS and Yorkshire and been working in Humber region since then."


Nicola Greenwood

Nicola Greenwood, Deputy, Humber and the Ridings"As an ST3 approaching a year out of programme in primary care leadership, I value the opinions of my fellow trainees and am committed to getting their voices heard. I want my colleagues to feel they can approach me at any time, via any method, with issues they may have regarding training, and will make myself available to discuss any concerns or ideas for improvement."



Emily Kendall

Emily Kendall, Deputy, Mersey

"A GPST3 based in Liverpool. Something that I have found difficult as a doctor is our lack of communication regarding mental health issues. To this day, it is still a subject with a great stigma and taboo associated with it, yet many of us will experience problems with our mental health at one stage or another. As a member of the AiT committee I would like to help set up services to aid fellow GP trainees with any difficulties they may be having with their mental health."


Deputy (Co)

Athmaja Murali

Athmaja Murali, Deputy (Co), Midlands

"I am a highly energetic person with multitude of ideas, and a zest for life that grows each day. I am an artist, singer and dancer and I love medicine. I am proud to be part of this wonderful cohort of GP trainees who I believe have an incredible amount of power to change the lives of others."

South East Thames


Joshua Getty - starting in November

Joshua Getty, Lead, South East Thames


"I am a GPST2 in East Sussex. Since January I have been the Deputy AiT Rep for SE Thames, a role in which I have endeavoured to promote improvements to training, both through the RCGP and my work with the deanery."




Aarthi Ravishankar

Aarthi Ravishankar, Deputy, South East Thames"I'm currently a GPST1 in Lewisham. I am a dedicated South Thames trainee and have not left the area since starting medical school. I genuinely want to play a role in improving our GP training as I feel passionate that we should have all the support necessary in order to deliver the best possible care in the future."



Rammina Yassaie

Rammina Yassaie, Deputy, Yorkshire

"I would cherish the opportunity to represent trainees as part of the AiT Committee. I believe I can contribute positively to this role as I have significant experience representing colleagues, having been a longstanding advocate for doctors in training for the last 7 years."

North East England


Melissa Haskins

Melissa Haskins, Deputy, North England


"I would love to be your deputy rep in the North East! We work and live in a diverse urban and rural region. I want to be able to work with the lead representative to improve developing a voice for you and for all trainees in the area, regardless of your stage or circumstances."

South Yorkshire and North Trent


Lydia  Fairhurst

"I am a GPST2 in Chesterfield and I live in Sheffield. I transferred from the Broad Based Training (BBT) programme in Nottingham which was an innovative programme which confirmed that General Practice was the speciality for me. I became inspired at the Next Generation GP (NGGP) Project in Sheffield. Through this scheme I realised that I don't have to wait until I was a "proper" GP to get involved in leadership."

South West Thames


Hannah Field

Hannah Field, Lead, South West Thames

"I am a full-time GPST2 on the Guildford KSS scheme where I have developed a passion for representing the voice of trainees as local year representative, local academic board representative and, more recently, within the KSS committee. I would like to take this ethos forward to represent the voice of trainees to the college through running for South West Thames AiT representative."

Vale of Trent


Oghenovo Efekodo

"I am an ST2 in the Lincoln VTS programme. I have my career background in Anaesthetics and Intensive care. Having completed a training programme before and being in this programme for 1 year has given me the experience to stand for election as Deputy Representative in the Associate in Training Committee."



Dominic Breen-Turner

"We are all in this together and without cooperating, we continue to trip at the same hurdles as our predecessors. My time working and training in the NHS and other healthcare systems has made me realise that working together gives the best results and also the greatest satisfaction to us and our patients."



Kyle Stewart

Kyle Stewart, Lead, Tamar

"I'm a part-time GPST3 in beautiful Bovey Tracy. During my non-clinical time I'm a clinical research fellow at the Institute of Biomedical & Clinical Science at Exeter University, where we are focusing on the development of new bedside diagnostics for infectious diseases and even some new medicines from watercress! I currently hold an NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur fellowship, a London-based NHS innovation fellowship and am one of the Peninsula Leadership Scholars."




Lucy Williamson

Lucy Williamson

"I am passionate about the importance of excellent, well supported and funded general practice, and the fundamental relevance of prioritising doctors' own mental health and wellbeing within a demanding environment. The challenges and pressures facing current GP trainees require innovative approaches in order to maintain the passion and enthusiasm so many of us have for general practice."


Deputy (Co)

Bhavika Patel 

Bhavika Patel, Deputy (Co), Leicester

"I am currently a GPST2 in Oxford. I have lived in Leicestershire most of my life as a Community Pharmacist. As an AiT representative I will endeavour to champion trainees through collaboration with the RCGP. I feel that greater emphasis needs to be placed on ensuring a robust curriculum to deliver excellent training and better training opportunities within the locality. I want to place particular attention on those wishing to expand the role of a GP by carrying out post-CCT fellowships so that there are greater opportunities available."



Anna Williams

"I am a GPST2 in Leicester with an interest in Emergency and Pre-hospital medicine. I worked in Emergency Medicine as a Registrar and on the North West Air Ambulance before deciding to retrain as a GP. I have a portfolio career some would say and currently work in Police Custody as a Forensic Medical Examiner in what little spare time I have."


Deputy (Co)

Elizabeth Walters

Liz Walters

"A current GPST2 based in Wessex, I am standing as the defence deputy representative, as I am keen that defence GP trainees maintain good communication with the RCGP. Following 3 years of general duties with the Royal Navy, I have done a year in hospital placements and am currently working at DCMH in Portsmouth before entering 18 months of general practice placements. I believe that being involved in this committee is important in ensuring the views of defence trainees are heard in the wider context of GP training."



Miles Malone

Miles Malone

"Having served in the Military since 2006 I had a variety of roles and jobs, in locations both in the UK and overseas, which were both interesting and challenging. Despite this, I was continually drawn to the idea of studying medicine and becoming a doctor. I finally took the plunge at the age of 30, studying graduate medicine at Cambridge University under the Army sponsorship scheme. Re-entering university education after a considerable break was a challenge and I had to find new ways to study and retain knowledge, my brain was not the 'sponge' of the younger students around me. I found that teaching was a really useful way to develop my own understanding of complex topics, an interest that has remained."

Northern Ireland


Katie Henderson

Katie Henderson, Deputy, Northern Ireland

"I am committed to ensuring that doctors' voices are heard. I believe that there is currently an imbalance in the care and compassion that we show our patients versus the lack thereof that we medical professionals are shown. We need strong, articulate minds advocating for doctors in these challenging times."

We want to congratulate all of our newly elected Committee Representatives, and also welcome them on board.

Thank you again for applying to work on this diligent Committee and helping the College move forward with AiT engagement within the UK.

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