International Affiliate

International Affiliate membership is a new membership category created by the Royal College of General Practitioners to provide comprehensive support and resources to medical students, GP trainees and family doctors based outside of the United Kingdom.

The RCGP encourages medical students, GP trainees and family doctors beginning their career in family medicine to join as an International Affiliate member.

Why become an International Affiliate member?

By joining our network of international doctors, you gain access to our benefits which include:

How to become an International Affiliate member
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International Affiliate member fees 2019/20

The four fee bands are as follows:

  • Band A - £127 - Higher Economies e.g. Malta, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Russia
  • Band B - £63 - Upper Middle Economies e.g. China, Brazil, Mexico
  • Band C - £25 - Lower Middle Economies e.g. India, Vietnam, Mongolia
  • Band D - £13 - Lower Economies e.g. Afghanistan, Cambodia, Mali, Myanmar

Click here for a full list of the World Bank income country categorisation [XLS]

   Full Year  1 July - 
 30 September 
 pro rata
 1 October - 
 31 December 
 pro rata 
 1 January - 
 31 March 
 pro rata
 High Income  £128.00  £96.00  £64.00  £32.00
 Upper Middle Income  £64.00  £48.00   £32.00   £16.00 
 Lower Middle Income   £32.00  £24.00   £16.00   £8.00 
 Low Income   £16.00  £12.00  £8.00  £4.00

International Affiliate - Mandarin Version (PDF)

Check the World Bank income category of the country in which you are working (PDF)

Contact us

If you have any queries, please contact Member Services on +44 (0)20 3188 7766 or email

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