Person-Centred Care Project Clinical Support Fellow

The RCGP is recruiting a clinical support fellow to work on the Person-Centred Care Project


  • From November 2017 to June 2018 

Time commitment and remuneration

  • 2 Sessions per month 


  • 2 Sessions per month, at £211 per session (1 session = 4 hours)


  • Annual allowance of up to £1250 per annum for travel and accommodation (funded by NHS England)

The Role 

We are seeking to recruit a Clinical Support Fellow to work alongside Dr David Paynton, Clinical Champion for Collaborative Care and Support Planning (CCSP) project and Dr Girish Chawla, Clinical Champion for the Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC) project. The Clinical Support Fellow will be primarily responsible for updating the CCSP toolkit and delivering four regional events in collaboration with the voluntary sector. They will also support work on CCSP and IPC when appropriate. The project is funded by NHS England and led by the RCGP.

GPs are under more pressure than ever with increasing workloads, issues with staff retention and recruitment, financial constraints and a drop in morale. The type of individuals a GP typically sees is also changing; the UK has an aging population and a growing number of people with long-term health conditions – approximately 30% of the population. This 30% of the population accounts for 70% of cost across the health service and makes up half of all GP appointments. GPs – using the traditional biomedical consultation model – are struggling to cope with demand and typically have to reactively focus on solutions to medical problems through prescribing medication or referring to specialists. The current model has limited scope for an in-depth conversation covering all issues and addressing what is important to the individual.

Collaborative Care and Support Planning and Integrated Personal Commissioning are two innovative, person-centred approaches to care that recognise that the importance of the individual in care planning and what outcomes are important to them. With an aim of alleviating some of the pressure on GPs and delivering better outcomes for individuals, CCSP and IPC use holistic biopsychosocial models, agreed care and support plans, the use of the community and/or voluntary services through social prescribing and care coordinators to help link individuals to these services.

The RCGP recognises that CCSP and IPC are two of many person-centred approaches to care and that these approaches have many overlaps and synergies and this is why we are rebranding the current work as the Person-Centred Care Programme.

The Clinical Support Fellow will help update the CCSP toolkit to include additional information on other person-centred approaches (eg shared decision making, health literacy, personal health budgets). They will also design the programme for and help deliver a series of four regional half-day events which will explore how GPs / primary care can use the community and voluntary assets within a given locality, and how these can be used to deliver better outcomes for individuals whilst easing the pressure on primary care. The Clinical Support Fellow will also produce a 'train the trainer'-style resource pack in order to help facilitate practices run similar sessions based on the learning within their own surgeries / teams. This resource will be shared via the RCGP's website.

Other duties will include attending scoping meetings with relevant stakeholders, being an active member of the person-centred care network and attending network events, supporting Dr Paynton and Dr Chawla in their roles of Clinical Champion, attending project steering group meetings, providing updates and holding regular KIT meetings with the project manager.

How to apply

The RCGP aims to encourage and maintain the highest possible standards of patient care in general practice. We are looking to recruit a member of the RCGP who can work collaboratively to raise the profile and awareness of this work within both general practice and the wider primary care community with the aim of improving the quality of care and patient outcomes.

If you are interested in the vacancy, please apply by email to should submit a CV (no longer than 2 sides of A4) and a supporting statement (no longer than 2 sides of A4) explaining why you think person-centred care is important to GPs and patients, and what interest and/or experience you have in person-centred approaches.

  • Closing date: Friday 20 October 2017, 17:00
  • Interview date: 27 October 2017 at 30 Euston Square

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