RCGP Trainee ePortfolio: current version release notes

The Trainee ePortfolio was last updated on 26 February 2018.

What’s new in v1.84

This release added Audio-COT to the ePortfolio. We also made minor changes to COT and CEPS form, improved page loading speeds in some areas, and addressed some of the reported issues. See below for the list of changes:



  • COT: minor wording change in “Assessor's registration number” field
  • CEPS: new “assessor” field replaces “clinical box setting” (new forms only)
  • Removed minimum requirements column from evidence summary and “for this review” line from individual tabs, and added a link to the RCGP WPBA website.
  • Trainee self-rating has been updated so trainees can add/edit PDPs on the same page. A new floating window was added to improve user experience, and added draft functionality for PDPs in self-rating. The guidance in this section was also updated.
  • Trainee: Updated warning popups in self-rating to better explain what information needs to be updated
  • ES: Changed the behaviour of the comment box in the agreed action plan review in ESR. This will be now always shown.
  • ES: “Review of PDP” in ESR - updated wording in the warning popup. 
  • Updated workflow for submitting evidence using a ticket code to prevent users from experiencing the “null reference exception” error message 
  • Increased maximum timeout on the file upload page to prevent timeout error messages for users with slow connections.
  • Updated sorting order of WPBA tools across the ePortfolio for consistency


  • ESR: Layout fix to the ESR pages to remove the leftover "actions before next review" from ES view which is no longer used by trainees following the ESR/PDP update in Nov 2016.
  • ESR view mode: Removed “which objectives remain outstanding” in “Review of PDP” section which was already deleted in previous ESR/PDP update.
  • ESR view mode: Removed empty space in "view" mode on “Competence Areas” tab. 
  • ESR: Fixed a bug which allows ES users to submit incomplete actions in the action plan during the ESR process in certain scenarios.
  • ESR: Improved layout of agreed actions
  • ESR: Fixes to wording of “quality of evidence” and CEPS section – consistent wording across all views.
  • ESR: “Agreed action plan” section now includes answer to “action plans from previous review” question and comment (website and generated PDF).
  • ESR: Generated PDF also includes full wording for “evidence” field under “competence areas.” 
  • Trainee: Improved auto-scroll behaviour when viewing a completed ESR
  • Improved page load times of home page, messages and skills log page in ESR workflow 
  • Fixed the requirement for mandatory fields when submitting the evidence as guest assessor
  • Fix for a null reference error page for ES users who follow the specific navigation scenario 
  • Security fix for learning log editing page

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