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2 04 Enhancing Professional Knowledge


  • As a GP you should have the skills to learn, critically appraise and teach
  • You should be able to appraise research and guidelines critically, understanding their generalisability and validity
  • You should be able to apply evidence in the context of the patient, the community and the healthcare setting
  • You should be able to audit your own practice and that of your organisation, and develop changes in the light of the findings
  • You should be able to work within a multidisciplinary team so that the views and knowledge of the whole team are applied when discussing the care of a patient
  • You should be able to demonstrate the competences of shared leadership so as to maximise the effectiveness of healthcare delivery
  • You should ensure you are up-to-date in managing the acute care of patients
  • You should, as part of supervising others in your team, be able to teach the need for safer practice and better patient care
  • You should be willing to receive feedback as a teacher from individuals or groups in order to improve and learn from your teaching and educational sessions
  • You should be aware that your own health and that of your colleagues should be optimal to ensure safe practice

Educational priorities

The ability to maintain and build on existing knowledge and skills is vital to sustain an individual doctor over a lifelong career. Central to this is the safety of patients and the quality of care delivered. As a GP you will need to be a lifelong learner and, in doing so, you must be able to keep up-to-date, reflect on your own practice and take action to address identified learning needs.      

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Knowledge and skills guide

This section contains the learning outcomes for the 'Enhancing Professional Knowledge' curriculum module.

These are grouped into 12 core areas of competence concerned with the tasks you will undertake as a general practitioner when delivering care to people in your community.

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Case discussion

This section contains a scenario and questions for reflection which help to illustrate the learning points in this module.

Dr Chan, a GP in an inner city practice, had noticed that the Quality Outcome Framework (QoF) findings for diabetes in his practice were below the average for his area.....     

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How to learn this area of practice

This section includes suggested activities and strategies for developing the competences you will require.     

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Useful learning resources

This section provides suggestions for further reading and other resources to help you in your training, including books, journal articles and web resources.     

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This section lists references which have been used in the development of the curriculum.

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