Working well in organisations and systems of care

As a GP, you care for patients at numerous levels in the health service; in consultations with individual patients, in your work within teams and organisations, and through the services and systems of care that are available and you help to coordinate. These wider perspectives of influence and responsibility emerge as your expertise and leadership skills progress from the individual patient-doctor consultation, to team- and practice-based care provision, and then to system-level and inter-organisational activity.

Increasingly, GPs in all UK nations are participating in the development of care services, advising on how existing services can be improved, what changes are needed to meet a particular demand and how to set up more integrated systems of care. As a professional learner, you will need to develop systems to manage your own performance, education and career-long development as well as contributing to the development of multi-professional teams.

2 02 Patient safety and quality of care

  • Clinical governance and quality improvement
  • Information management and technology

2 04 Enhancing professional knowledge

  • Evidence based practice and statistic
  • Research and academic activity
  • Teaching and learning skills  

3 01 Healthy people, promoting health and preventing disease

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