Caring for the whole person and the wider community

By routinely applying a holistic approach to your growing experience of providing care at the individual, team, organisation and health system levels, you can greatly improve the quality of care you provide to patients and families.

The capabilities described in this theme are the most challenging to develop to a high level, as they can feel less tangible to the learner. They rely on the integration and enhancement of the more straightforward capabilities developed earlier in training. They also require you to further study and promote the use of approaches that extend beyond a disease-based focus of biomedical science to incorporate the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, cultural and economic aspects of well-being, in order to successfully achieve 'whole person care'.

GPs must work with an increasingly diverse population with a wide range of global influences. This requires a holistic understanding of the person within society, including the context of his or her family, work, culture and wider community. It also requires the doctor to consider international aspects of health.

3 04 Care of children and young people

3 05 Care of older adults

3 06 Women’s health

3 07 Men’s health

3 09 End of life care

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