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3 19 Respiratory Health


  • Respiratory diseases are amongst the most common long-term conditions affecting patients in the UK
  • The identification, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of most respiratory diseases is a primary care issue
  • Socio-economics, ethnicity, age and gender have a significant impact on both the development of respiratory disease and its impact
  • The impact of respiratory disease on patients, families, health services and society is significant
  • When dealing with respiratory patients there are key skills you need as a general practitioner (GP) to interpret investigations, identify co-morbidity and effectively manage resources
  • Respiratory disease affects patients of all ages. It also brings specific challenges in the diagnosis and treatment of various groups including children, some occupational and ethnic groups, those with social and mental health challenges, and those nearing the end of their life

Knowledge and skills guide

This section contains the learning outcomes for the 'Respiratory Health' curriculum module.

These are grouped into 12 core areas of competence concerned with the tasks you will undertake as a general practitioner when delivering care to people in your community.

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Case discussion

This section contains a scenario and questions for reflection which help to illustrate the learning points in this module.

Mrs Evelyn James is a 49-year-old woman who presents in your surgery complaining of increasing breathlessness over the past year. She is a smoker, having started smoking when she was 15 years old, although she gave up during her three pregnancies....     

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How to learn this area of practice

This section includes suggested activities and strategies for developing the competences you will require.     

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Useful learning resources

This section provides suggestions for further reading and other resources to help you in your training, including books, journal articles and web resources.     

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This section lists references which have been used in the development of the curriculum.     

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