MRCGP exam fees

The following fees apply for examinations with effect from 1 August 2016 until further notice.

Applied Knowledge Test (AKT)

For AiTs who registered with the College before 1 July 2015: £495
For AiTs who registered with the College after 1 July 2015: £450

Following a re-alignment of fees for AiTs announced in June 2015, those who joined the College as AiTs after 1 July 2015 are paying a higher annual subscription than previous cohorts, and will therefore pay a lower rate for their AKT examinations. Similar arrangements will be put in place for the CSA with effect from 1 August 2017.

For further information about these changes, please refer to the RCGP Press release from June 2015.

The rate applicable to your circumstances will be displayed when you apply for the examination.

Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA)

All candidates: £1663


If you registered as an Associate in Training (AiT) on or after 1 July 2012 and before March 2014 a total of £405 was built into your AiT training package. The inbuilt elements (£135 per year) are collected over 3 training years as part of your annual AiT fees payable on 1 April each year. These amounts will be made available to you as part of the online booking process when you apply to sit the AKT and CSA.

Following requests from the National AiT committee, we introduced a system in July 2013 to enable new trainees to build a fund over time to contribute toward the cost of their CSA and AKT examination fee payments. This new membership benefit has allowed trainees to make six or seven instalments of £220. The fund built can be used against AKT and CSA fee payments and will be made available online as part of the examination booking process for those who opted into this scheme.

More information can be found here: GP trainees.

All tax paid on examination fees can be reclaimed from HMRC via normal tax returns.

Cancellation charges

Please refer to the cancellation and refunds policy.

MRCGP exam cancellations and refunds


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