THE COUNCIL 2009 - 2012

Dr Ken Aswani MBE FRCGP & Dr Meenu Mirchandani MRCGP | Dr Maureen Baker CBE DM FRCGP | Stuart Blake MRCGP | Dr Scott Brown MD FRCGP | Antony Chuter, Chair of the Patient Partnership Group | Alan and Iris Cotton | Dr Frances Cranfield | Paul A Creighton | Dr Peter Davies FRCGP | Dr Laurence Dorman | John Dracass | Steve and Lynn Field | Clare Gerada | IM James and Agnes Gillies | Professor Simon and Mrs Janet Gregory | Professor David Haslam | Dr Brendan Jacobs FRCGP, Dr Kamila Hawthorne FRCP FRCGP | Iona Heath | Amanda Howe, Barry and Rachel Price | Colin and Fiona Hunter | Greg James Irving | Christine Johnson FRCGP | David J Johnston | Professor Roger Jones | Has and Annie Joshi | Professor Mayur K Lakhani CBE | Dr Ken Lawton and family | Helen Lester | Dr Mary Elisabeth Lowth | Stephen J Lynch | Professor Martin Marshall CBE | Professor Nigel Mathers | Dr Steve Mowle FRCGP | Dr Raj Nair | Drs Kate, John and David Neden | Bridget Osborne in memory of Fred and Frances Martin | Mike and Nickie Pringle | Dr Bill Reith | Jim and Christine Rodger | Clare & Dave Seamark and David Mattingly | Colonel Robin Simpson FRCGP |  Nigel Sparrow FRCGP, Chair of the Professional Development Board | Andrew Spooner | Dr Vikram N M Tanna BA MSc FRCGP | Dr Richard Vautrey | Jonathan White | "The Unknown Member of Council" |


Dr & Dr (Mrs) Ayokunle Abegunde MBBS DTM&H MSc MRCGP and family | Dr Atul Aggarwal MRCGP | Dr George Wadie Ahad | Saeed & Irshad, parents of Dr Faizan Ahmed | Dr Edgar Ainsworth | Dr RM Aitken FRCGP Vice-Chairman of Council 1977-78 | Dr Sebastian Alexander MB ChB MRCGP | Dr Sangar Ali and family | Dr Samir Alvi | Benedict Arnold | Dr Graham and Mrs Honor Archard | Ian Bagshaw and Victoria Bagshaw| Dr Jamie Bahrami FRCOG FRCGP | Dr Bernard RF Baillon | Professor Richard Baker | Dr Geoffrey Barber OBE FRCGP Member Foundation Council | Charli Barber-Lomax FRCGP | Dr Rebecca Baron FRCGP | Dr Chris Barry | Abhijit and Raj Bhattacharyya | Dr Jaswant S Bilkhu MMedSci FRCGP | Dr Graeme Bingham | Kamal Bishai for Soad and Ragheb | Stuart Blake MRCGP | Dr Carol Blow & Professor Mike Pittilo MBE | Dr Ephrem Bogues MMedSci MRCGP | Dr Sylvia Bond FRCGP | Dr Alec Smeed Bookless TD MD FRCGP Hon Lt Col RAMC (Foundation Member) | Surg Capt JW Bough OBE RN | AS Boyd FRCGP (Hillsborough) and S Moore FRCGP (Lisburn) | Dr Derek Browne FRCGP MRCP DTM&H | Andrew Buist and Morag Martindale | Shelagh Bullimore | Dr Tony Burch FRCGP | Dr Roger William Burns | Dr Kilian Jennifer Bute FRCGP | Dr Janet Ann Butlin | Dr May Cahill | Michael Carmi | Dr Stuart Carne President 1988-1991 Hon Treasurer 1964-1981 | Dr Nigel Cartwright FRCGP | Dr Derek Chase | Margaret Chilton | John TN Chung FRCGP FRACGP | Richard D Churchill FRCGP | Dr Margaret Clamp | Alison Clarke | In loving memory of Mr and Mrs JA Clowes, Leicester | Dr Iola Coleman-Smith | Dr John D Collinge | Dr Hugh Courtney FRCGP Foundation Fellow| Avril Danczak for Cynthia & Tadeusz Danczak | Dr Gwawr David | George Davidson and George Cregan, for their inspiration | Dr Tom Davies | Dr Kenneth Dawes FRCGP | José Day | James Denholm | Dr Ronald NC Douglas | Professor Chris Drinkwater CBE FRCGP FFPH | Professor Sir Michael and Lady Drury | Dr John K Duncan FRCGP | Denis Durno | Dr Fiona Duxbury | Dr Mark Dziobon 'a true friend and best colleague' | Dr John & Mrs Barbara Edwards | Austen Ernest Elliott | Ralph Emmerson | Mary-Anne Etherton for her support during my medical career | Tyrrell Evans | Professor Azhar Farooqi OBE FRCGP | John J Fergusson | Ian R Forrester | Dr Mark Free FRCGP | Jennifer Ann Frow | Professor Roger Gadsby MBE FRCGP | Drs Kirit & Bharti Garala, Dr Lushin Garala, Dr Kanai Garala | Dr Douglas G Garvie OBE FRCGP In Memory of Doreen | Dr Mary B Gibbons, Dr Edwin and Dr Margaret Gibbons | David R Gibson for Catherine A Montgomery (nee Gibson) | Dr Robert Gilchrist FRCGP | Dr Paramjit Singh Gill | Dr James D Gilleghan | Mr TK Gosh FRCS, Dr Samantha Ross, Dr Sarjay Gosh | Dr Philip Charles Green | Professor Robin Hall FRCGP | Hugh and Frances Halle | Sabra Elsayed Hamed in gratitude for my parents Mr E Salama & Sayeda, love you | Professor Philip Hannaford | Dr Robert Harkness, Founder Member | Dr Philip Hartropp BM FRCGP | Dr Gillian Harvey | Dr Michael Heber | Janet and Lindsay Henderson | Dr Hugh Herbert MRCGP and Dr Helen Herbert FRCGP, Aberaeron | Frederick N Hicks | Dr Emma Higham and Mr Alan Higham | Vera J Hogg | Dr John Horder | Graham and Rosemary Hornett | Henrietta Hughes | Robin Hull | Bob and Lis Hunt | Sir Donald and Lady Irvine | Dr Gabriel Ivbijaro MBE FRCGP | Dr Ravi P Jain | Drs Miriam and Jason John - Una in Perpetuum - 28/07/2007 | Dr Petre Jones 'walk alongside on their journey' | Dr and Mrs SE Josse | David Judson FRCGP | To our children Neev, Anika and Viraj, whose tolerance helps us to treat those who put their trust in us. Drs Manisha and Rahul Kacker | Dr Mercy Jacob Joseph Kadiamkuttiyil MD FRCOG | Professor Joe Kai MD FRCGP | Dr Chris Kenyon MRCGP and Dr Janet Millar MRCGP | Professor James DE Knox MD FRCP(Ed) FRCGP, 1926-2010 | Professor Tony Kendrick | Dr David W Kett | Dr Imran Khan FRCGP, Mrs Sabiha Khanam | Dr Kirthi MRCGP & Dr Karthik MRCPCH, dedicated to our parents | Professor James DE Knox MD FRCP(Ed) FRCGP 1926-2010 | In memory of Mr Radha Charan & Bhartendu Shrivastava from Dr Arun P Kudra | Dr Sanjoy Kumar MBE, Dr Sinead O'Malley-Kumar, Grace Kumar & James Kumar | Dr See Kwok MD FRCGP | Dr Ranchor Damodar Lalloo MRCGP | Dr Rhoda Law and Dr Ron Law FRCGP | Dr Jennifer Lebus FRCGP | Alan Baskerville Lee | Liz Lee and David Kessler | Prof Lawrence Leung CCFP FRACGP FRCGP | Dr Ted Leverton FRCGP | Dr Mark L Levy for Hymie Levy | Dr Nancy Roberts Lewis | Dr Helen Liley MBChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP DFFP LoC IUT ACA ATII | Dr C John L Logan FRCP FRCGP | Irvine Loudon | Dr Arhur D MacAdam MRCGP & Dr Douglas B MacAdam FRCGP | Dr Ronald MacDiarmid | Drs Evan A & Evan P MacKenzie | Dr Ken and Mrs Theresa McLean | AG MacLeod, AG MacLeod, AD MacLeod - 3 generations of GPs | Dr Alastair U MacKinnon OBE MD FRCGP (1906-1997) | Dr Sri Rajesh Maddipati MRCP MRCGP | Dr Hossein Maleki & Dr Keivan Maleki | Dr Tony Males | Jane Mamelok for Bobby Mamelok | Dr Wasima Mandal MRCGP MRCS DFSRH | Dr Gary Singh Marlowe | Dr Richard Mathias | Dr Tony Mathie | Dr David Matthews | Dr Ken and Mrs Theresa McLean | Sir Stephen Miller BT FRCGP | Trevor A Mills | John Mitchell for Jim Mitchell | Dr Jacquelyn Mobbs FRCOG FRCGP | Richard Moore PhD FRCGP in memory of Anne Moore | Dr Patricia Jean Money | Dr Andrew J Mowat FRCGP and Dr Anthea M Mowat MRCA | Dr David E Murfin MPhil FRCGP | Dr James Royse Murphy MA FRCGP | Dr Campbell Murray | Dr Margaret Murray, with thanks to my parents James and Doreen Mackay | Dr Campbell Murray | Professor Stuart Murray | Dr & Mrs Ian Nelemans FRCGP | Dr Paula J Newton | Dr Duan Q Nguyen MRCGP, dedicated to my parents Thuong & Linh | Peter Nicholas and Anne Bradford | Dr Geoffrey F Norris MBE MA FRCGP | Dr Danny Odemwingie Ogbeide MBBS FRCGP FWACP | Dr William Ngozi Okonji | Deborah Oliver TD | Dr Oliver O'Toole | David Parkes Bowen for Henry R Patterson | Andrew John Parkin | Dr Roger D Parkin | Hemchand and Swathy Paruchuri | Thomas MacIlvean Paterson | Denis and Jill Pereira Gray | Dr Mary Pierce | Dr Jim Price MA FRCP FRCGP FAcadMEd | Dr William Ramsay FRCGP | Dr Bhogi Rao FRCGP and Margaret Rao | Dr Raza Ahmad Rashid MBBS (London) MRCGP | In Memory of AK Raychaudhuri | Ian and Keith Redhead and Hilary Lazarus | Dr Dewi Rees | Ann D Rider for J Gordon Rider FRCGP | Dr Geoff Roberts | Dr David Robertson MSc MB ChB FRCGP | Dr Tim Robson | Brian & Kathryn Rowe | Dr Barbara Rushton | Dr Caroline Russell FRCGP | Professor Ian Russell | Theodore Sacca, my dear friend and husband | Drs Norman, David & Bryony Sales | Dr AC Schluter to my parents, patients and Deyis, the love of my life | Dr Theo Schofield OBE | Dr James Scobbie | Dr Kenneth Scott OBE FRCGP Hon Curator | Dr & Mrs Charles Sears FRCGP, Dr HTN Sears MD FRCP MRCGP | Dr Mohamed Iqbal Sedar | Stephen Shaw | Dr Bridget Shevlin FRCGP | Joan Silverston | Derrick and Valerie Simon | Dr Jonathan Simon ONZM FRCGP FRNZCGP(Dist) Honorary Secretary RNZCGP 1991-1995 | Dr John D Sinson MBBS FRCGP remembering esteemed colleagues | George, Gerda, Richard and Kathleen Sloan | Dr Bridget Shevlin FRCGP | Prof Simon Smail CBE FRCP FRCGP | Lindsay FP Smith | Henry Smithson supporting people and families with epilepsy | Dr & Mrs Oomar Sorefan and family at Loraz in Floreal, Mauritius | Dr Peter R Sowerby | Tony (ACE) Stacey. Military, Diplomatic and City of London GP | Eleanor Steiner, Prevention and Compassion | Dr Frank Stewart, for my mentors and trainees | Dr James Howard Stiff FRCGP | Dr Helen J Stokes-Lampard PhD FRCGP | Dr Simon Street | John B Taylor | Rev Neil and Ross J Taylor in memory of Mary Taylor | Dr Ruth Taylor FRCGP | Dr Dean Temple | Dr Paul Temple | Vimal Tiwari for Isobel (Betty) Rattray, beloved friend | The Tomsons and the Kellys | Dr Nigel Towson LRCP MRCS MBBS FRCGP and family | Arthur, Geoffrey and Christopher Trower FRCGP 130 years of General Practice | Dr Ijeoma Ukachukwu MRCGP (merit) "A People's Doctor since 1994" | Martin Underwood | Dr Ian Cheok Ung | Dr Sri. Venugopal OBE FRCGP | Richard and Jennifer Vesey | Dr A Vethanayagam for my parents Dr & Mrs AVA Vethanayagam and Mr & Mrs JER Hensman | Maddikera Vijaykrishna | Kirti Viswa and Karthik Velu | Professor John Walker MD FRCGP FFPHM FRCPCH examiner 1968-1998 | Dr Fiona Walter FRCGP | John Alexander Walton | Dr Alex D Watson FRCP (Ed) FRCGP | Dr Roy Webb VRD & bar FRCGP | Dr John White | The Wiggin Family and Molly Spiers |  Barbara Wigley 1919-1939 Medical Student | Dr Robert Wikner MRCGP | Dr Martin JB Wilkinson MMedSc FRCGP | Dr Malcolm Willis FRCGP & Dr Kathy Kestin FRCGP Married Team | Dr Paul Wilson FRCGP | Dr Tim Wilson FRCGP FRCP MFPH | Brian Wright in memory of Sally | Dr Nat Wright FRCGP |