MasterPass: Dermatology Postgraduate MCQs and Revision Notes

Dermatology Postgraduate MCQs and Revision Notes
Author: James Halpern with Asad Salim
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It is my hope that reading this book will save postgraduates from making their own notes and allow them more time to concentrate on what is truly important – looking after patients.’ James Halpern in his Preface Postgraduates studying dermatology – for example for the Royal College of Physicians postgraduate specialist certificate examination in the subject – can face a frustrating lack of appropriate revision aids. Reference books can be too exhaustive or insufficiently up-to-date to be helpful, while undergraduate and introductory texts lack the necessary detail and depth. This book is specifically designed for postgraduate examinations. Providing much more than a ‘cheat sheet’ of questions and answers, its chapters are designed to be studied in sequence, each building on the last to develop a strong overall understanding. Common and introductory topics are briefly discussed and an understanding of basic dermatology is assumed, with MCQs (multiple choice questions) following the widespread ‘best of five’ format. ‘James Halpern has created this revision guide to demystify the SCE and to help dermatology trainees prepare for it. Working through the examples will focus the mind and expose your weak spots.’ from the Foreword by Celia Moss For more information on other titles in this series please click here

ISBN Number: 9781846194405

Number of pages: 252

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing Ltd

Published: June 2010

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• Eczematous & Papulosquamous Disorders
• General Dermatology
• Hair & Nails
• Medical Dermatology
• Collagen-Vascular Disorders and Immunology
• Infectious Diseases
• Lesions, Surgery and Skin Cancer
• Paediatric Dermatology and Genodermatology
• Photodermatology
• Dermatopharmacology
• Dermatopathology

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