Symptom Sorter

Symptom Sorter 4th Edn
Author: K Hopcroft and V Forte
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Life would be much simpler for GPs if patients presented with diagnoses. Unfortunately, patients instead present with symptoms that are frequently vague, sometimes multiple and often obscure.

Most clinical texts adopt a diagnosis rather than a symptom based approach. Across its four editions, Symptom Sorter has redressed this balance, becoming an essential reference book in primary care. Covering over 100 of the symptoms most commonly found in primary care, this latest, fully updated edition features new entries including failure to thrive and febrile children, anxiety, hip and knee pain, and mouth lumps and marks, all explored through the 'red flags', 'top tips' and 'ready reckoner' format for sorting symptoms that has made previous editions so popular and respected.

ISBN Number: 9781846194535

Number of pages: 456

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing Ltd

Published: June 2010

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* Abdomen
* Anorectal
* Bad breath
* Breast
* Cerebral
* Chest
* Double vision
* Ear
* Epigastric pain
* Eye
* Face
* General physical
* Genital
* Hair and nails
* Haemospermia
* Infertility
* Itchy scalp
* Limbs
* Neck
* Nocturia
* Nose
* Oral
* Pelvic
* Skin
* Thirst
* Urinary
* Anal itching
* Anal swelling
* Crying baby
* Eyelid problems
* Facial rash
* Leg ulcers
* Swollen calf

Author Bio

Keith Hopcroft and Vincent Forte, Respectively General Practitioner, Honorary Lecturer, Royal Free and UCL Medical School; Forensic Medical Examiner, freelance General Practitioner and Writer

Vincent is also the inventor of the Peezy - the hygienic and dignified urine collector for women.

Publisher reviews

From reviews of previous editions:

'Essential for all GPs, trainers and registrars. Great value and a superb practical book. Five stars!'

'This is the one book I would like to take into the consulting room.'

'If you have this book in your room, and you consult it every day, my guess is that you will do at least one thing better every day, and, maybe many more. If that is not a recommendation for a book, then I don't know what is.'

'A classic general practice book.'

'A very useful reference tool. Very user friendly and informative. A valuable asset for any practice library. It is one of the most well used books on my shelf.'

Highly Commended - BMA Medical Book Awards 2004 (Second Edition)

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