Northern Ireland GP of the Year Award

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What qualities do you feel make your GP special, please highlight any outstanding contributions or commitments the GP had made to your care.

How have they made a difference to your life? Please give examples of how they have impacted on your quality of life and action(s) taken that you feel are above and beyond the call of duty.

In no more than 500 words please tell us:

Please rank below the qualities which you believe best describes your GP with 1 being the highest
Good listener
Builds confidence and a trusting relationship quickly
Takes time to explain things making sure I understand
Communicates in clear but sensitive manner
Takes additional interest in whole family
Does what they can to make my life better with illness
Investigates all areas of illness/complaint thoroughly
Is always up to date on the treatment of a condition
Always considers my medical history when treating me
Makes links with other care professionals to help with my treatment
You and your GP
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