Overseas exams accredited for RCGP international membership - MRCGP[INT]

To qualify for RCGP membership, doctors from outside the UK sit an exam with MRCGP[INT] accreditation. MRCGP[INT] accreditation means that the exam has the same academic rigour as our membership exam for UK-based GPs. However, passing an MRCGP[INT] accredited exam doesn’t qualify you to practise in the UK.

Taking an MRCGP[INT] exam

Exams with MRCGP[INT] accreditation meet the same rigorous quality standards as our MRCGP membership exam for UK practitioners. But exam content reflects local epidemiology, disease profiles, cultural and religious practices and local healthcare systems.

MRCGP[INT] accredited exam centres

Contact your local exam centre to apply to sit the exam. Each centre has its own eligibility requirements.

Brunei exam centre (for Brunei and the Asia Pacific region)

Dubai exam centre (for the Middle East region)

Egypt exam centre

Kuwait exam centre

Contact Dr Samia Al-Musallam, Kuwait Institute of Medical Specialisations.

Tel: +965 24920312

Malta exam centre

Contact Dr Adrian Micallef, Malta College of Family Doctors.
Email: registrar@mcfd.org.mt
Mobile: +356 99493463

Oman exam centre (for Oman and neighbouring countries)

Contact the Family and Community Health Programme, Sultan Qaboos University.
Email: bahiya@squ.edu.om or pgabor@squ.edu.om

South Asia exam centre
Contact Mr Waseem Hameed, MRCGP [INT] South Asia Admin Office

web: http://www.mrcgpintsouthasia.org

More about MRCGP[INT] accredited exams

MRCGP[INT] is an exit examination, taken after higher professional training in family medicine. Passing an MRCGP[INT] accredited exam proves that the doctor is practicing to the same professional standard as their UK counterparts.

Successful candidates are entitled to apply for international membership of RCGP. Registered international members can use the post-nominal designation ’MRCGP[INT]’.

Working as a doctor in the UK

Passing an MRCGP[INT] accredited exam doesn’t qualify you to work in the UK. The exam is designed for practitioners working in a specific region: it’s not intended as a route to practise in the UK.

But RCGP membership may add weight to an application to work in the UK. Contact the UK’s General Medical Council for information on how to apply.

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