MRCGP[INT] Programme


Doctors from outside the UK are not eligible to take our MRCGP exam in the UK, because it is designed specifically for General Practitioners living in the UK and working within the UK’s NHS context and guidelines.

Overseas, family doctors face different challenges and require slightly different skills, knowledge and competencies to effectively deal with them. Local epidemiology, disease profiles, cultural and religious practices, as well as the structure of local healthcare systems call for a flexible assessment framework that is tailored to adequately measure these different skill sets.

This is why we have developed a generic assessment framework for examinations outside the UK to confirm that they are of the same academic rigor and standard as the MRCGP exam in the UK but relevant to their own country.

About MRCGP[INT] accreditation

MRCGP[INT] accreditation is granted to postgraduate examinations outside the UK and testifies that they are of the same academic rigor and professional standard as the MRCGP examination in the UK.

As each examination is specific for the country or region where it is available, it may not be relevant for doctors from outside its catchment area. Each MRCGP[INT]-accredited examination is different in form and content and has different eligibility requirements.

Individual exam parts or modules are not transferrable between accredited examinations and need to be completed at the same accredited site for candidates to qualify for the award of MRCGP[INT].

The RCGP in London does not administer MRCGP[INT] accredited examinations. They are run by the local Host Examining Bodies. The role of the RCGP is to provide accreditation and ongoing quality assurance.

Doctors who wish to register for an exam or enquire about their eligibility need to contact the below-listed accredited centres directly.

Benefits of taking MRCGP[INT]-accredited exams

  • MRCGP[INT]-accredited exams, just like the MRCGP exam in the UK, are exit assessments taken after higher professional training in Family Medicine
  • Passing an MRCGP[INT]-accredited exam confirms that the doctor is practising to the same professional standard as their UK counterparts
  • Successful candidates are entitled to apply for International Membership of the RCGP. Only registered International Members can use the post nominal designation “MRCGP[INT]” in addition to their local qualification.
  • International Fellowship, FRCGP[INT], is a higher grade of membership available by nomination or self-nomination to those International Members who have remained Members In Good Standing for at least 5 years without allowing their membership to lapse.

More information

Working with MRCGP[INT] in the UK

  • Having International Membership does not automatically give you the right to practise as a GP in the UK.
  • Each accredited exam is developed for the needs the country or a specific region and is not intended as a route to practise in the UK. Its primary purpose is to develop family medicine locally and provide a way for doctors to demonstrate professional excellence to an international standard.

Those who qualified outside the UK and EU and want to work as a GP in the UK have to apply to the General Medical Council (GMC) via the Article 11 route. Being an International Member of the RCGP will help their applications.


MRCGP[INT]-accredited examinations: how to apply

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