International Team

International Programme Board

Prof Maureen Baker, Chair of Council, Interim Co Chair and Joint Senior Responsible Officer
Mr Jeremy Reed, Executive Director Development and Enterprises, Co Chair and Joint Senior Responsible Officer
Prof Adrian Freeman, Chair International Accreditation Panel
Ms Claire Angus, Assistant Director, Development
Dr Sonia Tsukagoshi, Chair JIC
Head of International

Clinical Leads

Dr Helen Crawley, Medical Director for South and South East Asia  

Dr Andrew Perrett, Medical Director for China  

Prof Rich Withnall, Medical Director for Middle East and North Africa

Prof Val Wass, Medical Director for Europe and RCGP Representative to WONCA

Dr Ed Parry-Jones, Medical Director for Sub-Saharan Africa

RCGP International Management Team

Head of International Team leads the implementation of the 10 year international strategy and annual operational implementation plan, managing the team and clinical leads and Medical Directors.  

Mr Tom Owen, International Project Development Manager (IPDM) manages our relationship and the delivery of projects in China and Africa  

Mr Andrey Gladkov, International Project Development Manager (IPDM) manages our relationships and delivery of projects in Europe  

Ms Alexandra Lesmes, International Project Development Manager (IPDM) manages our relationships and delivery of projects in South and South East Asia  

Ms Asha Abdillahi, International Project Development Manager (IPDM) manages the International and Overseas Network and our relationships and projects in the Gulf

Ms Fatoumatta Ndure, International Project Manager (IPM) manages Brazil business development and the implementation plan for the international strategy

Ms Agnieszka Kolbuszewska, International Officer provides secretariat support and leads on the teams’ communications

Ms Cynthia Frimpong Asiamah, International Coordinator provides administrative support to the Head and IPDMs  (currently on maternity leave)

Ms Marsha Zuniga-Augustine, International Coordinator provides administrative support to the Head and IPDMs

Mr Matt Devanny, International Coordinator provides administrative support to the Head and IPDMs  

Junior International Committee

Dr Sonia Tsukagoshi, Chair JIC
A first 5 GP in London, Sonia has worked both in Uganda and India. She is currently working both in the UK and Japan, her home country, to foster improved relations and to promote Japanese primary care as a speciality.  

Dr Cemal Kavasogullari, Deputy Chair
A GPST2 in West of Scotland. Holds a PGCert in Aesthetic Medicine. Member of FMLM, Vice President of Turkish Cypriot Healthcare Professionals Association. Interested in medical leadership and global health care policies.

Dr Camille Gajria, Secretary
A first 5 GP in London with an interest in quality improvement and up-skilling primary care teams abroad, as well as mentoring international graduates in the UK.  

Dr Aliki Traianou, Image Lead
A GPST1 in Glasgow with a DTM&H. Undertaking a Masters in Primary Care. Aliki has worked in Sierra Leone, Greece and New Zealand and done research in Peru. Interested in Gobal Health, especially access to healthcare, health systems and refugee health. She has also completed a Global Health Film Fellowship.

Dr David Jameson, Image Deputy
A First5 GP in Manchester with a Masters in Public Health (Primary Care). Has an interest in International Primary Care development, and participated in the 2017 Japan exchange programme.

Dr Emily Clark, Beyond Europe Lead
A first 5 GP currently working in rural Uganda. Emily is also a founding trustee of a charity ‘The John Trust’, which has supported education across 5 resource poor countries.  

Dr Rakesh Modi, Beyond Europe Deputy
An academic GP in London researching primary care in developing countries at University College London. He is also studying for a masters in public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Rakesh is also a trustee of a charity working with communities in Zimbabwe.

Dr Rebekah Garnham, Exchange Lead
A first five GP in Croydon, Rebekah has spent some time working in Zambia, Malawi and New Zealand as well as participating in a Hippokrates exchange to Romania. She has a diploma in Tropical Medicine from Liverpool and is currently studying for a Masters in Global Health Policy with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.  

Dr Rebecca Hall, Exchange Deputy
A First 5 based in London, previous Darzi Fellow and now working for the CCGs as well a GP. Has an interest in HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health and a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

Dr Claire Rees, Education and Training Lead
A First5 GP in North London, has a Masters in Tropical Medicine & International Health. Has been involved in research projects in the Gambia and Tanzania. Interested in refugee health and volunteers with Medical Justice.  

Dr Karishma Singh, Education and Training Deputy
A First 5 GP in Manchester completing a Masters in Primary Care Sciences, Karishma was exposed to GP training in China as a trainee having been awarded a global health bursary.

Dr Sam Merriel, Research Lead
An academic clinical fellow in Bristol with a Masters of Public Health from LSHTM. Sam's interests include cancer prevention and early diagnosis, asylum seeker and migrant health issues, and health inequalities.  

Dr Hannah Fox, Research Deputy
A GP registrar in London and volunteer with Doctors of the World. Hannah has experience working in palliative care in India.

Dr Bernadeta Bridgwood, Erasmus Lead
An academic clinical fellow in the East Midlands. She is interested in global health, medical education and evaluation.  

Dr Julia Webster, Erasmus Deputy
A GPST3 in Mersey with a Diploma of Tropical Medicine from Liverpool She has worked in Tanzania and have a special interest in medical education and refugee health, currently volunteering with Freedom from torture.

International Faculty Representation

International Faculty Representatives foster engagement and communication between their faculty, the International Department and the International Programme Board. They provide information to our team, and also communicate information to GPs registered with their local faculty.

It's an important role, because it ensures the RCGP International team are aware of the work that UK faculties are engaged in. It also allows us to engage GPs who want to work internationally, and get those with expertise involved in our work.

The role profile is attached and the International Department is accepting volunteers to take on this role for their faculty.

Please contact for more information on how to apply or find your faculty representative to learn more about how you can engage with RCGP International Team.

The RCGP international strategy is coordinated by the International Programme Board and implemented by a team of managers and clinicians.

The International Programme Board (IPB) evolved from the International Committee in April 2015.

To view our regionalised programme of work with clinical and business leadership and support, please see organogram [PDF]

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