10 Year Strategy

Transforming our approach to international affairs

Our 10 Year International Strategy [PDF] sets out the RCGP’s approach to working collaboratively to promote family medicine and primary health care as a cornerstone for strengthening health systems globally.

The RCGP will continue to work internationally in partnership with others to increase the breadth and expertise of the health workforce in primary care and family medicine, and to contribute to improvements in the quality and safety of patient care.

10 Year Strategic Priorities

The following strategic priorities form the framework for the RCGP’s international work in the next 10 years. The actions needed to achieve these priorities will be reviewed on an annual basis.

External Priorities

  1. Moving global primary care policy higher up the health agenda of the RCGP, other specialities and other countries
  2. Increasing the quality of education and delivery of general practice or family medicine
  3. Influencing EU legislation and policy relevant to the training and delivery of primary care

Internal Priorities

  1. Improving the governance and co-ordination of RCGP led international activities
  2. Strengthening support for international and overseas members
  3. Increasing capacity and capability within the RCGP to deliver the strategy

Annual Operational Implementation

The OIP allows us to map activity against pre defined objectives set for a  business year

The following updates track progress against OIP for years

14/15 February 15 Update

15/16 Available following approval International Programme Board, 20 April 2015

Contact us

For more information email international@rcgp.org.uk.

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