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A key element of the Vibrant Faculties initiative centres around encouraging Faculty collaboration to drive forward effective regional educational and networking programmes.

Taking up this important work in England’s north since 2009 are the Humber and the Ridings, Sheffield and Yorkshire faculties, who collaborate as the White Rose initiative to address local GP and patient needs that are mirrored across the entire Yorkshire region.

In addition to the ongoing services the three faculties provide within their local areas, the White Rose collaboration combines skills and expertise to develop educational programmes that suit needs on a regional level. Each faculty contributes to the decision making process and, in doing so, White Rose has appointed a joint GP Education Lead to take the initiative forward.

The regional office supports the collaboration by providing input into project development, acting as a link between the three faculties and supporting opportunities to deliver effective and targeted services across the region.

Details of forthcoming White Rose meetings and educational courses can be viewed through the courses and events box on the right-hand side of this page. For more details, please contact White Rose Administrator, Antonia Ford.

RCGP White Rose Initiatives

Leading First: Dr Amar Rughani, Yorkshire and Humber’s Associate Postgraduate Dean for Curriculum and Leadership, has teamed up with two enthusiastic GP registrars to develop a brand new course, Leading First, which engages and supports frontline First5 GPs. The course aims to help young doctors develop the confidence and skills to facilitate change and improve general practice for their patients and colleagues.

The programme being offered to all First5s in Yorkshire will run as a series of four sessions across the year. Topics such as the process of change, how to engage your staff, and leading with resilience will be covered. Dr Rughani will run the sessions alongside Dr Lydia Mawer – a bright, forward thinking leader – and Dr Samantha Wong, Yorkshire and the Humber’s very first GP leadership fellow. In addition to the Leading First team, the workshops will be facilitated by leaders and educators from across the region, who will share their wealth of knowledge.

The CSA and AKT preparation courses have run for several years now in the White Rose region and have helped establish an excellent reputation for supporting GP trainees throughout their training. Both courses are run three times per year and rotate around the three faculties. White Rose has established a dedicated team of assessors who are called upon to support and deliver the courses. This team, with support from the College, offers advice to help guide trainees through their final exams. The White Rose CSA is RCGP Accredited.

White Rose Administrator: Antonia Ford
Telephone: 020 3188 7785
Email: whiterose@rcgp.org.uk


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