RCGP Wales

The primary purpose of the college in Wales is to facilitate the provision of high quality medical care by promoting and supporting general practice and general practitioners. In 1997 Welsh Health care became the responsibility of the Welsh Government and so RCGP Wales focuses particularly on that which is relevant to Wales.

What we do

Working with Welsh Assembly Members, Local Health Boards and the Welsh Government, our activities include:

  • delivering training courses and other educational activities
  • raising the quality of patient care through quality initiatives and awards, for example, the RCGP Certificates in substance misuse
  • responding to government consultations and representing GPs and our members in particular, on Welsh Government working groups - including the GP National Specialist Advisory Group (NSAG)
  • encouraging research in general practice to improve the evidence base for standards and guidance on best practice
  • Supporting the setting of standards and clinical guidelines for clinical care
  • supporting members by providing opportunities for doctors to network and share ideas, including the RCGP Wales Annual Conference and with the Wales Mental Health in Primary Care Network (WaMH in PC) which is currently supporting Welsh Government with the implementation of the Mental Health (Wales) Measure

Keep up to date with what we’re doing

Events, Workshops and Education:


English Version Poster                    Welsh Poster Version


Click Here for an Entry Form (a Welsh Language version of the entry form is available on request by emailing: welshc@rcgp.org.uk


Delivering Effective End of Life Care, go here to see details of event at Liberty Stadium, Swansea on 24 February 2016, together with booking form

Strengthening General Practice in Wales

With the forthcoming 2016 National Assembly elections, the Welsh Government has significant opportunities to formulate its plans to safeguard the quality and sustainability of the Welsh NHS. RCGP Wales has issued a document that sets out key actions that must be taken to help equip the NHS in Wales. Go here to see this document in English, and go here to see it in Welsh.

GP Trainees Supplement

Welsh Health Minister Mark Drakeford has responded to RCGP Wales Chair Dr Paul Myres letter below. Read the response [PDF].

RCGP Wales Chair Dr Paul Myres, has sent a letter to the Welsh Health Minister Mark Drakeford in response to the recommendations put forward by the UK Review Body for Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration (DDRB) to remove the GP trainee supplement. Go here to see the letter.

RCGP Wales Chair - Dr Rebecca Payne - Weekly Blog 

 Click here to see Rebecca's weekly blog

  • WaMH in PC (our Mental Health Network) 
  • See the latest WaMH in PC Newsletter 
  • To see the recently issued Alcohol Use Disorder Information sheet, go here

CPD Event 26 November 2015 The Fitness to Return to Work Consultation

  • Click Here to see further details and Booking Form. 

RCGP Wales Newsletter


See the latest Winter 2015/16 Edition


See Latest Edition Summer 2015:


Spring 2015

See our ongoing Campaign updates

RCGP Wales 2015 Awards

Click here to see the results of this years' Awards Ceremony held at the Cottrell Park Golf resort on 26 June 2015

How we work

We’re governed by the RCGP Welsh Council, which meets quarterly. Our Chair represents the views of RCGP Wales and its members on the RCGP UK Council.

We also have close working relationships with Cardiff University's School of Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education and School of Medicine as well as working alongside Swansea University's School of Medicine.

RCGP Wales operational plan

RCGP Wales key groups

  • Patient Partnership in Practice (PPiP) group
  • RCGP Wales Awards
  • End of Life Care NetworkPromotes good practice in end of life care. The network is currently focusing on: advance care planning
  • Secure Environments Network Brings together clinicians in Wales to promote best practice. The network: supports training for GPs who work in prisons and other secure environments, and promotes continuity of care for patients when they’re released encourages research into primary care in secure environments
  • Wales Mental Health in Primary Care Network
    Promotes improvement of mental health services in Wales. A diverse group, including professionals from the third sector, counselling and psychotherapy, social services, health boards, policy makers and psychiatrists as well as GPs.
  • WaMH in PC Report 2015 [PDF] 
  • WaMH in PC Information Sheet 17 - Alcohol use Disorder. Go here to see Information sheet [PDF]
  • WaMH in PC Autumn 2015 Newsletter, gohere to see the Newsletter

Local Faculties

In addition to a base in Cardiff, the College in Wales is represented through three regional faculty offices in South West Wales, South East Wales and North Wales.

Contact us

RCGP Wales, Regus House, Falcon Drive, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff CF10 4RU.

Email: welshc@rcgp.org.uk.
Tel: 029 2050 4038
Fax: 029 2050 4300

The office is open from 08:30 am to 17:00 pm.

RCGP Wales GP of the Year Award

This Award, which commends GPs for the provision of an outstanding level of care, above and beyond the call of duty, is nominated by members of the public.

From the nominations received, a list of finalists including the runners up and winner are chosen by the lay representatives of the RCGP Wales’ Patient Partnership in Practice (PPiP) Group  who meet regularly throughout the year to discuss patient related issues.

Download the GP of the Year Award 2015 application form [PDF]

The closing date for nominations is 27 February 2015

RCGP Wales Out of Hours Awards 2015 peer nominated

This award is for the 

  • Clinician of the Year Award
  • Team of Member of the Year Award (non clinical)

How to apply

Application for Peer Nominated Out of Hours (OOH) Awards 2015 [PDF]

These Awards recognise the positive impact on patients’ lives, and the outstanding level of care delivered by members of the OOH team, in a stressful and busy environment.

Classification of a clinician: GP or Nurse

Classification of a team member (non clinical): includes drivers, receptionists, call handlers, managers, secretaries, rota team, administration staff, back office staff

All nominations will be judged by the lay representatives of the RCGP Wales’ Patient Partnership in Practice (PPiP) Group, together with an OOH representative from both North and South Wales.

The closing date for nominations is 27 February 2015

RCGP Wales Practice Team of the Year Award

This Award recognises the positive impact on patients’ lives and outstanding level of care delivered by the whole healthcare team working within a practice including GPs, Practice Manager, administration staff and the wide variety of healthcare professionals, and is nominated by members of the public.

The ability to engage and work together as an effective team,  allows a practice to successfully provide a full range of services and excellent standards of care. High quality general practice is dependent on the entire practice team who all have a major impact on how services are received by patients.

From the nominations received, a list of finalists are chosen by the lay representatives of the RCGP Wales’ Patient Partnership in Practice (PPiP) Group, together with a Practice Manager.

The closing date for nominations is 27 February 2015

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