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RCGP Policy Watch
Friday 12th September

NHS England Chief Executive committed to improving dementia diagnosis (NHS England)

At the Alzheimer’s Society conference, NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens pledged to improve diagnosis rates of dementia. This commitment by NHS England came alongside the publishing of a new Dementia Toolkit for GPs. The Toolkit provides guidance on ensuring a timely dementia
diagnosis and the post-diagnostic support GPs should be providing.

NHS facing winter pressures as millions of Brits visit their GP or A&E as first port of call for winter sniffles (PAGB)

As part of their new campaign ‘Treat Yourself Better with Pharmacist Advice’, the Proprietary Association of Great Britain has published new research highlighting that 6 million people visit their GP and 2 million visit A&E for common winter ailments. The research found that only 21 per cent of adults use the pharmacy for winter ailments and is encouraging people to make use of their community pharmacy to alleviate pressure on the NHS.

Put wellbeing in your manifestos, MPs urge parties (NEF)

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Wellbeing Economics has called for a focus on wellbeing in order to sustain the economic recovery. The report calls for mindfulness training for health professionals, a focus on ‘all person care’ and the embedding of wellbeing in the health system. 

2015 Challenge Manifesto (NHS Confederation)

The 2015 Challenge Manifesto outlining a vision of the future health and social care has been published by a collaboration of health and social care charities, local government, communities, staff and leaders. The manifesto calls upon the next government to focus on keeping people well, to ensure equal focus on physical and mental health, and to end top-down reorganisations.

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