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RCGP Policy Watch
15 August 2015

Patients to benefit from new NHS England ‘Accessible Information Standard’ (NHS England)

NHS England has launched a consultation on a national standard for improving access to information formats in hospitals, GP practices and other NHS and adult social service providers. The standard will mean that health professionals must find out if a patient has extra communication needs, and ensure that these are met.

Funding fix for practices affected by MPIG withdrawal (BMA)

The British Medical Association has confirmed that NHS England has provided short term funding for GP practices affected by the withdrawal of the minimum practice income guarantee. The GP committee has welcomed the funding, but warned that it did not tackle the long term funding issues that are facing GP practices.

Special measures aim to drive improvement in GP practices (CQC)

Chief Inspector of General Practice Professor Steve Field has proposed new measures to improve GP services, which will be introduced from October. The new measures coincide with a new rating system by the CQC, and mean that GP services rated inadequate will be given a deadline to improve care or face closure.

2.2 million pounds spent every day on diabetes drugs in primary care (HSCIC)

The Health and Social Care Information Centre has found that managing diabetes cost the NHS £2.2 million a day in prescriptions in 2013/14. The Prescribing for Diabetes report highlights that this amounts to 10 per cent of primary cares drugs bill, with 45.1 million prescriptions being made.

Launch of seven day services in hospital pharmacy report (RPS)

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has launched a report on their meeting in May, where they discussed developing the sector into a seven day service. The outcome of the meeting recommended that in order to develop a seven day service there must be more cohesion between hospital and pharmacy services, engagement with pharmacy staff, a targeted plan for where to deliver the service and the development of a business model.

Health Education England announces new Board on safety led by Professor Norman Williams (HEE)

Health Education England has launched a new initiative to place patient safety at the heart of health education and training. The new HEE safety board will be chaired by the former President of the Royal College of Surgeons Professor Norman Williams and Chair of Health Education England Keith Pearson will act as Vice Chair.



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