RCGP Regional Ambassadors

General Practice Forward ViewThe College's Regional Ambassadors are passionately making the case for investment in general practice in their areas, to ensure that all practices and patients benefit from the increased funding and support promised in the GP Forward View.

To help influence and evaluate this delivery they have engaged with Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) and NHS England Local Area Teams. Working with RCGP Faculties, they also help promote the values of general practice and try to ensure there is a strong voice for primary care in their local health communities.


Get in touch

You can contact the central College team coordinating the work of the ambassadors by emailing ambassadorsupport@rcgp.org.uk

You can also get in touch with your Regional Ambassador using the contact details below.


Dr Michael Van Dessel

Dr Michael Van Dessel
STP: Cheshire and Merseyside
Contact: Michael.VanDessel@rcgp.org.uk






Dr Ashley Liston

Dr Ashley Liston 
STP: West, North and East Cumbria and Northumberland, Tyne & Wear
Contact: Ashley.Liston@rcgp.org.uk  





Dr Kirsty Baldwin
Dr Kirsty Baldwin 
STPs: West Yorkshire
Contact: Kirsty.Baldwin@rcgp.org.uk





Dr Ben Jackson

Dr Ben Jackson 
STP: South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw
Contact: ben.jackson@sheffield.ac.uk





Dr Ali Lea (Image not available)
STP: Greater Manchester
Contact: alisonlea@nhs.net

Professor Mark Gabbay (Image not available)
STP: Lancashire and South Cumbria
Contact: mbg@liv.ac.uk

Dr Julia Thomas (Image not available)
STP: West Yorkshire (shared coverage)
Contact: juliathomas3@nhs.net


Dr Simon Ormerod

Dr Simon Ormerod
STP: North East London
Contact: Simon.Ormerod@rcgp.org.uk





Dr Anwar Khan
Dr Anwar Khan
STP: North Central London
Contact: anwar.khan@nhs.net




Dr Soleman Begg
STPs: South East London and South West London
Contact: Soleman.Begg@rcgp.org.uk





Dr Nilesh Bharakhada (Image not available)
STP: North West London (shared coverage)
Contact: nbharakhada@gmail.com

Dr Venothan Suri (Image not available)
STP: North West London (shared coverage)
Contact: veno.suri84@yahoo.com

Midlands and East

Dr Judith Reeder

Dr Judith Reeder
STP: Northamptonshire
Contact: Judith.Reeder@rcgp.org.uk  





Dr Sahadev Swain

Dr Sahadev Swain
STP: Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire and Luton
Contact: sahadevswain@hotmail.com





Dr Gulshan Kaul (Image not available)
STPs: Staffordshire and Shropshire & Telford, and Wrekin
Contact: gulshan@sslmc.co.uk

Dr Jamie Hynes
Dr Jamie Hynes
STP: The Black Country
Contact: Jamie.Hynes@rcgp.org.uk





Dr Vish Ratnasuriya
Dr Vish Ratnasuriya
STPs: Birmingham & Solihull and Coventry & Warwickshire
Contact: Vish.Ratnasuriya@rcgp.org.uk





Dr Amber Janjua (image not available)
STP: Hertfordshire and West Essex
Contact: Amber.Janjua@gmail.com

Dr Sonali Kinra (Image not available)
STP: Nottinghamshire (shared coverage)
Contact: sonali.kinra@nhs.net

Dr Jenny Moss (Image not available)


Dr Michael Mulholland
Dr Michael Mulholland
STPs: Frimley Health and Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West
Contact: Michael.Mulholland@rcgp.org.uk





Dr Rachael Bunnett

Dr Rachael Bunnett 
STP: Gloucestershire 
Contact: Rachael.Bunnett@rcgp.org.uk





Dr Richard Pratt

Dr Richard Pratt
STP: Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and Devon
Contact: Richard.Pratt@rcgp.org.uk





Dr Tharsha Sivayokan

Dr Tharsha Sivayokan
STP: Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire
Contact: tharsha.sivayokan@nhs.net





Dr Husein Oozeerally

Dr Husein Oozeerally 
STP: Surrey Heartlands and Sussex & East Surrey
Contact: Husein.Oozeerally@rcgp.org.uk


Dr Awadh Jha (Image not available)
STP: Kent & Medway and Sussex & East Surrey
Contact: Awadh.Jha@rcgp.org.uk

Dr Timothy Whelan (Image not available)
STP: Hampshire & the Isle of Wight, Dorset, and Bath, Swindon & Wiltshire
Contact: Timothy.Whelan@rcgp.org.uk

Dr Rachael Marchant (Image not available)
STP: Mid and South Essex
Contact: Rachael.marchant@nhs.net

Dr Jonathan Inglesfield (Image not available)
STP: Surrey Heartlands
Contact: jonathan.inglesfield@nhs.net

Dr Michael Bosch (Image not available)
STP: Sussex and East Surrey
Contact: m.bosch@nhs.net

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