Changing or cancelling your membership

Our commitment to provide real support and representation to those working in primary care in the UK and overseas is made possible only through the endorsement of our valued members. RCGP membership is renewable annually on 1 April. Members are invited to renew their membership in late February or early March, along with a notification of the year's standard membership fees and Direct Debit collection.  

When you receive your invitation to renew, please check and ensure that you’re paying the correct fees, especially if your income or personal circumstances have changed during the previous year. There are a number of reduced rates on offer for a variety of personal and financial circumstances.

If you are eligible for a discounted membership rate, please remember that you need to apply on an annual basis as the available discounts and income brackets are reviewed periodically and will change from time to time, as do members' circumstances and income.

RCGP membership offers a wide and ever-increasing range of benefits and tools - take a look at the Memberhip Guide for full details. Renewing is easy, as there are a number of payment options available to you.

Continuity of membership is important if you are thinking of applying for Fellowship (or nominating a colleague), considering becoming a GP trainer, and for your free Life membership eligibility.

And remember, if you are a UK tax payer, you can substantially reduce the cost of your subscription fee through tax relief.

Cancelling your membership

We aim to provide all our members with the highest quality of service, tools and benefits relevant to day to day practice. If you’re unhappy with our services, products, or have a complaint, please contact us in order that we can understand the situation and do everything we can to put things right. We always welcome suggestions and feedback.

If you want to cancel your membership, please provide us with your RCGP membership number, or GMC number, and a brief outline of your reasons for resigning in writing. This can be an email, fax or letter.

Upon receipt we will action your resignation and confirm the membership cancellation in writing. If your subscription is paid by Direct Debit, we will remove your bank details from our files, but you will also need to cancel the Direct Debit instruction directly with your bank.

Please note:

  • only a member can cancel their own membership (we cannot accept cancellations from other parties, e.g. practice managers, spouses, siblings, etc. unless they hold a power of attorney for you)
  • cancelling your membership is likely to affect your ability to become or continue as a GP trainer
  • cancelling your membership may affect your ability to become a Life member or Fellow in the future
  • for your protection we can’t accept cancellations over the telephone
  • you won’t be able to use MRCGP or FRCGP post-nominals if you cancel your membership

Moving overseas

There is no need to cancel your membership if you are moving abroad. Please contact us to discuss transferring to the reduced overseas membership rates. Please note that if you do cancel your membership and wish to reinstate it in the future, you will require a valid GMC registration at the time of re-joining (this does not apply to International Membership category MRCGP [INT]).

Recently lapsed membership

If your membership has lapsed within the current subscription year (running from 1 April to 31 March), you can reinstate it swiftly without completing a new application form. Simply contact your Membership Services team to revive it today. Your membership will remain continuous provided the annual subscription fee for the full year is paid.

Rejoining with a gap in your membership

To rejoin RCGP after a gap in your membership, just complete the application form to make sure we have all your details up-to-date. You must also hold full GMC registration if you are based in the United Kingdom (this does not apply to International Membership). If you join part-way through the subscription year, your membership fee is reduced on a quarterly pro-rata basis, depending on the time of year that you re-join. An additional rejoining fee of £25 may be applied in complex reinstatement circumstances by HT requiring case review.

We may ask you to provide a copy of your JCPTGP/PMETB/GMC certificate of completion of GP training if we don't have one on file.

Reviving your lapsed membership

If your membership has lapsed, we would be happy to welcome you back to the College.

Contact us

Membership Services Department, RCGP,
30 Euston Square

Tel: 020 3188 7766
Fax: 020 7581 3648

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