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You can find a First5 lead for your specific area and country below.

First5 Committee



Shamila Wanninayake

My name is Shamila W. Previously Lead for Thames Valley, I am now honoured to be First5 Chair. I am a salaried GP and undergraduate tutor for Oxford University. I am passionate about ensuring that new GPs feel supported and valued, particularly as they hit the busiest and most expensive time in their lives.  My aims over the next 2 years include strengthening support for Faculty Leads, promoting value for membership & raising the voice of recently qualified GPs.




England First5 Lead


First5 Lead


Beds and Herts

Dahir Farah



Muhammad Farhan Amin

A GP Partner in Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire with a passion for integrated community care. I am the founder of an online peer-to-peer support platform and I am the chief architect of the Walney Health and Wellbeing Cottage a non-profit community led initiative. I aim as First5 lead is to support the transition from AiT to First5 and to assist newly qualified GP’s in connecting them with prospective employers as well as providing guidance on the financial challenges that may arise.


East Anglia Vacant  

Rachel Marchant

I am a portfolio GP working part time in a salaried post, for the local out of hours service and as a clinical support fellow for cancer at the RCGP. I aim to use the role as First5 Lead to improve engagement with, and enthusiasm for the RCGP at faculty level as well as improving interaction and involvement with AiT's, as these are the individuals who will make up the future First5 cohort.



Faraz Anjum

I am a salaried GP currently undertaking a post CCT fellowship in leadership/management. I also work with the local CCG whilst studying for a degree at DeMontfort University in Medical Leadership, Education and Research. I was previously the East Midlands AiT Lead and currently sit on the QMTS Committee. My aim as First5 lead is to work towards better assimilation of First5s within the college and making sure newly qualified GPs continue to get all the support possible ensuring they stay on as members of the college as a result.


North East London

Mary Burtenshaw

My name is Mary Burtenshaw and I work as a salried GP in Loughton. As North East London's First5 co-lead and a Faculty board member, my aim is to increase local First5 engagement and set up events tailored to the needs of our members. I am also a member of the Pan-London AiT/First5 committee, working to guide London's GP trainees through the transition to qualified GPs.


Rahhiel Riasat (Mentoring Lead)

I work as a Portfolio GP in NE London and I have an interest in Medical Education. My aim as the First5 Mentoring Lead is to raise the profile of Mentoring and Coaching services within the College. I hope to develop new ways of providing mentoring and coaching as well as developing existing mentoring services. As First5 Co-lead for the NE London Faculty, I endeavour to facilitate educational and networking events for AiTs and First5 GPs.


North and West London

Camille Gajria

I'm a GP in Ealing CCG and help run our sessional group. I am secretary of the RCGP Junior International Committee and e-moderator for Primary Care International.  I'm keen for First 5s to have more opportunity to meet colleagues who can help them develop their careers.


South London

Tabassum Khandker

I currently work as a salaried GP in Wandsworth CCG, as well as doing OHH session, and I am also the Vice Chair for the Pan London First5 Committee. As a former VTS representative for London's trainee committee, my priorities are optimising the training experience as well as smoothing the transition from AiT to First5. I hope to work with my colleagues and our College to support AiT's and First5's locally and London wide, to represent what our interests and what is important to us GP's. 


Humber and the Ridings

Joe Klakus

Currently, I work in a two-man practice on the outskirts of Hull and  every Friday engage in some 'countryside' medicine in a small market town near the North Yorkshire border.  Being from the area allows me to build a good, natural rapport with my patients.  I work closely and try to engage in novel approaches to mental health and paediatric problems. My aim as First5 lead is to engage First5 GP's with the College whether it be regional or national outreach.



Humera Hasan

I am the First5 lead for Mersey and currently in my second year as a First5. I work as a fulltime salaried GP in Liverpool and I am also the lead for our local CPD group. Since November 2015, the local faculty and I have supported newly qualified GPs in their transition from trainee to the First5. We organise various relevant courses, conferences  and career events and are looking to add in some social events in the coming year.



Dilsher Singh (First5 CPD/Revalidation Lead)

I am a salaried GP in Birmingham with a special interest in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching as well as Cardiology. The last three years, I have run several successful First5 events in Midlands and delivered a successful Midland faculty conference. My aim is to increase participation and engagement across the region, for which I am in the process of developing sub-regional leads to run local CPD events, and also hope to deliver high quality educational content directly onto your laptops and smart devices through use of various online platforms.


North East



Pippa Male (Conference Lead)

I am a portfolio GP working in A&E in Northumbria and also the First5 Events Lead. This involves not only coordinating events local to my region but also helping other faculties develop events through information sharing and have been working on the development of national events including the Conference and RCGP Ski trip. My main aim is to make the RCGP membership great value for money for members and be a voice to the First5’s in the region.


North West

Harish Thampy

I am an academic GP working in Manchester as a part-time partner and lecturer at Manchester medical school. I am passionate about developing local events and networking opportunities designed to meet the needs of First5’s. To date we have successfully organised an annual First5 faculty conference, set up local CPD groups, commenced a series of monthly educational meetings and developed an online presence through our faculty First5 Facebook group. We would love to hear from you if you are a local First5 keen to get involved!


Emma Pimlott

I work in Manchester as a salaried GP and have a role with Public Health England as a GP Clinical Champion for the promotion of Physical Activity.  I am family planning trained, have a diploma in mental health care and enjoy teaching students at the University of Manchester. My aims. as First 5 lead are to continue to connect with peers and support ongoing learning and mentoring.  In addition to this, in line with the College's campaigns around resilience, I would like to encourage open discussions about clinicians' mental health.



Sophie Aldridge

My name is Sophie Aldridge and I am co-lead for Severn First5.  I am a newly qualified GP working as a locum in the Bristol area and I have just completed a leadership extension to training.  My interests lie in engaging First5 members by providing them with targeted and useful events as well as promoting the benefits of ongoing RCGP membership.


Megan Rowlands

I am a newly qualified GP, having taken an extra year of training to pursue an interest in leadership. I am currently working as a locum GP in the Bristol area. I have recently taken on the role of co-First5 lead in Severn and our aim is to try and engage members with the RCGP by broadening what we can offer to First5s in the area, with a particular focus on CPD and social events.


South East Thames

Phyllis Chan

I am a full time GP based in Hailsham, East Sussex with a special interest in medical education. As First5 lead, I will work to promote increased interaction and harmony amongst the First5 cohort as well as with the College. I would also like to work towards helping newly qualified GP's to achieve a better work life balance by working on recruitment issues, particularly through promoting general practice as a career for medical students and junior doctors.


South West Thames Vacant

Richard Pratt

I am a six session a week GP Partner at Three Spires in Truro, Cornwall. I am a keen proponent of the benefits of technology in helping to improve healthcare and as Director of a health tech company, regularly collaborate with other Royal Colleges. I also sit on several boards which help to refine GP training as well as providing the opportunity to reappraise what the future may hold for us First5’s.


Thames Valley

Caroline Ward

I qualified in October 2015 and am currently working as a locum GP, but am soon to take up a salaried position in The Chiltern Surgery, Watlington.  My clinical interests lie in polypharmacy and overdiagnosis/overtreatment. I hope to increase engagement amongst First5’s within Oxfordshire by establishing educational & social events and an active social media network.  I am also keen to represent the interests of local First5 GP’s at central RCGP First5 Committee meetings.


Samar Bhutoria

I am a salaried GP with an interest in medical education and have authored a book on the MRCGP CSA Examinations. I am involved in arranging CPD meetings and learning groups for First5 GPs in aid of their career progression, and as part of my role I aim to further improve and facilitate communication and coordination amongst First5 GPs.



Vale of Trent

Jenny Moss-Langfield


Wessex Vacant  

Julia Thomas

I am a salaried GP in the Bradford region with a special interest in Dermatology. Other interests include running (sub 3 hour marathon) and dramatic arts. As First5 lead I aim to ensure that General Practice remains the heart of the NHS though support and representation of those at the start of what should be a long and satisfying career.


Enisha Das

I am a salaried GP based in Wakefield with a special interest in women’s health and paediatrics. As First5 lead I aim to improve GP engagement through the creation of local networks to improve access to education & learning resources, as well as continuing to promote our commitment to General Practice whilst maintaining our standards of care. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any queries or suggestions.


South Yorkshire & North Trent

Hareen De Silva

I currently work as a salaried GP locuming occasionally. I qualified as GP in August 2015 & I am still getting to grips with general practice. I am about to start a Masters in Public Health with the thought of becoming an international GP. Away from my work, my hobbies include ballroom dancing & climbing (or falling more accurately). As First5 Lead my aim is to build resilience amongst newly qualified GP's as well as supporting us with mentoring and education events. 


Hareen De Silva Photo  


Scotland First5 Lead


First5 Lead


North East Scotland

David Lovell

I am a salaried GP working in North East Scotland. I am based in Portlethen, a small town close to the city of Aberdeen, but surrounded by beautiful countryside. I also work as a part-time Teaching Fellow for the University of Aberdeen. This involves teaching medical students about GP, and is hugely rewarding! My aim is to help foster a sense of community among local First5 GPs and offer a welcoming point of contact to anyone coming into the area.



East Scotland

Amy Knighton

My name is Amy Knighton and I am the First5 lead for East Scotland. I am a salaried and locum GP in Tayside, Scotland and I am also doing a paediatric scholarship via NHS education for Scotland. My aim as First5 lead is to try and improve engagement in the East of Scotland, especially facilitating the transition from AiT to First5.


North Scotland

Sabeel Saleem

I did my GP training in the North of Scotland and I served as a trainee representative for my Faculty. I qualified in 2014, became a partner in 2015 in Argyll, Scotland and  I am the current First5 lead.  My aim is to increase the participation amongst the First5 cohort and create a vibrant platform for First5’s, where the college can promote its values, benefitting the patients and creating the future leaders.


South East Scotland

Andrew McIntosh

I am Dr Andy Mcintosh and I am the First5 Lead for South East Scotland. I also sit on the faculty board. I am a sessional/portfolio GP in Lothian and Borders and also work as a doctor in Scottish Rugby.


West of Scotland

Lynsey Yeoman

I am currently a part-time salaried GP in Glasgow, an academic GP fellow at the University of Glasgow and a communication skills and vocational studies tutor at the medical school. As your First5 lead, I hope to facilitate continued engagement between College and GP’s post CCT by enhancing our CPD events and promoting these via our new social media pages as well as exploring webinar technology to expand access. I also plan on developing closer links with the local medical school to promote general practice as a positive career choice.



Wales First5 Lead


First5 Lead


Wales (Council)

Isolde Shore-Nye

My name is Isolde Shore-Nye and I am a GP Partner in the South Wales Valleys. I am a First5 representing the South East Wales Faculty, and the Lead for RCGP Wales . I also serve as an RCGP Welsh Council Representative. I am keen to encourage people to choose general practice as a career, and to ensure a sustainable future for the profession within the UK.


North Wales

Sioned Enlli

In addition to my role as First5 Lead, I also represent the North Wales faculty at UK Council. I juggle being a full time partner with some OOH work as well as being a mother of two. I am enthusiastic in promoting community care in North Wales and want to promote First5’s as the future of general practice.  I also work closely with our AIT rep arranging  local CPD events.


South East Wales

Anish Kotecha

Having established a portfolio career I work as a GP partner in South Wales as well as acting as a MacMillan GP Facilitator. With my interest in medical education I am a Cardiff University communication skills tutor and examiner. Being a proud member of the Royal College I work as an EKU author and write questions for the InnovAiT journal as well as sitting on the website advisory panel. As your First5 co-lead I am keen to ensure a smooth transition from AiT member to First5 member and acting as a liaison between First5 members and the Royal college.


Viv Nicholls

My name is Viv Nicholls and I am co-lead for the SE Wales faculty. I attended university in Cardiff and intercalated in Psychology. I completed my VTS with the Glamorgan Valleys, and now work in the South Wales valleys as a locum and in Cwm Taf OOH. I am interested in psychiatry, paediatrics, and Women's health. 


Premini Balasekaran

Following qualification from the Bradford Training Scheme in 2014, I have been serving as a freelance GP across the south of Wales. As a qualified physician, I have also developed an interest in elderly care and general internal medicine. In addition to being co-lead for SE Wales, I am also the RCGP Deputy Welsh Council representative. Outside work I read regularly at the local church, enjoy hiking and dancing the Argentine Tango. As First5 co-lead I hope to help facilitate and enable educational opportunities and support local First5’s.





South West Wales

Rebecca Jenkinson

I currently work six sessions a week as a salaried GP at the Kingsway Surgery in Swansea. I am also a Programme Director for GP training in Neath and Port Talbot, and have recently been appointed as Programme Director for a pilot Broad Based Training Scheme in Wales. My aim as First5 Lead is to try and increase engagement between First5 members in the area with the RCGP.



Northern Ireland First5 Lead

Northern Ireland

First5 Lead


Northern Ireland

Claire McKinney

My name is Claire McKinney and I am First5 lead for Northern Ireland. I am a part-time partner in Co. Antrim, and am currently developing an interest in Family Planning. My aim is to help facilitate the transition from AiT to First5, and to provide a point of contact for those looking advice/assistance from the College.


Military/Rural First5 Lead


First5 Lead



Jodie Blackadder-Coward

I currently work in Hampshire as a doctor in the RAF, but will soon be moving to the West Midlands. Clinically, I am interested in physical activity for health especially in the Armed Forces, as well as actively promoting GP as a career choice to medical students and helping to support University GP Society's  across the UK. My aim is to increasingly promote local activity and events and establish vibrant annual meetings for Defence First5s to share their experiences, undertake CPD and of course, socialise!


Tariq Ahmed

Hi, my name is Tariq and I am the First5 Co-Lead for Defence, working alongside Jodie Blackadder-Coward. As well as Medical Education I have an interest in Chronic Pain having initially trained in anaesthetics. Defence GP's have a unique and challenging role and work across the globe. My aim as First5 MOD Lead is to draw Defence First5's together through regional networking and online activity in order to provide peer to peer support.



Sanjeev Maskara

Born and bred in rural Northern India, with 19+ years of clinical work experience in the UK, Rural Australia and India. I currently work as a sessional GP in Harrow, Greater London. I am passionate about teaching and training as well as providing high quality care with high accessibility, through a cost effective, sustainable healthcare system. I look forward to working with fellow First5’s to achieve the mission, vision, and values of the rural forum.


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