Practice Managers training Constructive leadership and people management

Date15 September 2017
Duration1 day
Start Time09:00
End Time16:30
TypeClassroom based
AudiencePractice manager, Practice nurse, First5



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We start by building a firm management foundation - what type of manager are you?  Does this help you or hold you back?  The workshop will also help you to identify your predominant leadership style - do you run a "country club" or "sweat shop"?  Do staff take advantage of you or run the other way?

In keeping with the overall theme of constructive leadership we examine the impact of the psychological contract in the practice team and how to utilise this to positively achieve our objectives.  We examine creative problem solving tools to help manage the daily fire-fighting we have in the practice and how you might share this with staff to empower their problem solving skills.  You could be the best manager but still not have a motivated team - can we use recognised theoretical methods to practically motivate individuals in our practice?

Performance appraisal can be a positive or negative experience depending on the skills of the appraiser, the workshop will share some tips and models of appraisal which may change the way you look at this important task for your practice team and will aim to address the "impossible" task of changing staff attitude or personal initiative through creative appraisal objectives (yes it can be done).  The day rounds off with conflict handling skills and everyday practical advice for dealing with difficult people. 

Venue25 Queen STreet, Edinburgh, EH2 1JX
Maximum capacity25
Phone0203 188 7752
ContactSouth East Scotland Faculty
Faculty/DepartmentSouth East Scotland Faculty

Course programme

Module 1: leadership and management skills

Objective: I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

Laying a good foundation - identifying your management style and impact on staff. 

Development leadership skills - the atmosphere you create for development and growth in the practice. 

Predictive-v-reactive management - fire-fighting to crystal ball.

Practical problem solving tool for everyday use in the practice


Module 2: Motivation at work

Building team cement

What is team cement and why is it important to our work?

Understanding the team personalities

A personal story of motivation against the odds

Theories of motivation - what really works?

Keeping myself motivated - recognising the signs, a personal strategy

How to motivate staff and create staff empowerment


Module 3: Appraisal skills and techniques

Good building bricks

Staff appraisal - what is it and why do it - templates?

What does poor performance meant to you?

Writing good appraisal objectives - the guidelines

Situational responsiveness - can we address poor attitude or lack of initiative through performance indicators/

The appraisal performance - a framework


Module 4: Conflict Management


Dealing with conflict - why it arises and discovering my inherent reaction to it

Conflict resolution - the stages of conflict and strategies for successful intervention

Dealing with difficult people - using NLP skills to break down barriers and resistance


Feedback and reflected learning




  • Lunch
  • Refreshments
  • Wi-fi


 The training will be provided by Prima Linea Training Associates, the only specialised training company to offer practical experience in addition to creative techniques and approaches for all members of the practice team (clinical and non-clinical) to aid communication, resilience and patient engagement.  All Prima Linea trainers have exceptional experience of working directly in general practice for many years, they understand the dynamic, pressured and ever-changing environment of a busy GP practice.

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