Development skills for GP Staff October 2017

Date04 October 2017
Duration1 day
Start Time09:30
End Time16:30
TypeClassroom based



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There is no doubt that demand is unprecedented in the practice. Staff are having to say no more and more and deal with the consequences. This one day session starts by examining why demand has increased, how do we know, what does it mean for our practice and what are our patients saying about it. So, what are the alternatives? We move on to examine the elements of signposting, do we need to offer everyone an appointment? if not, where do they go? The module looks at the gold standards for telephone handling skills, establishing rapport with the patient so that we can gather pertinent information. It looks at the decisions receptionists have to make every day and examines the usefulness of algorithms in decision making on the phone. The day rounds off by building the capacity of staff in dealing with such high demand and looks at the importance of resilience, coming back day after day to a very busy practice. We uncover our Emotional Intelligence levels and how to improve them and end with a creative, enjoyable stress management session for everyday use in the practice.
VenueFairways House, Fairways Business Park, Inverness, IV2 6AA
Maximum capacity25
EmailSylvie Main
Phone01463 258830
ContactSylvie Main
Faculty/DepartmentNorth Scotland Faculty

Course programme


Increasing demand: Demand for GP services is increasing. Why is this happening and what are the effects on us and the services we offer? What are patients saying about access in our area? How do we know if access is a problem in our practice? Why can't we offer everyone an appointment? What happens if we do? What patient communication situations have we faced that have caused us difficulty?

Signposting skills: Starting with good telephone call handling and then moving to look at the elements of signposting and how can I help in our practice? What are the alternatives I have available to me to offer to patients? Using the Calgary-Cambridge process and other communication models to uncover the skills necessary to engage well with patients even if we cant offer them an immediate appointment. Learn how to use a range of NLP tools to build rapport (event when time is short) with the patient, to get appropriate information, negotiate alternatives and make good use of the limited resources we have. How can we say 'No' without compromising the patient relationship and trust.

Signposting decision making: Weighing up the information you have gathered. Using your expertise to offer appropriate solutions and checking if you are on the right track. What are the decisions the receptionist needs to make? How do we know what is really an emergency, same day or routine request? Examining a range of workable algorithms to aid appointment signposting and apply this to some of the real-life situations identified in module .

Emotional Intelligence and practical everyday stress management: EI v IQ. What's the difference? Which is more desirable in the workplace? How's you EI at the minute? How EI is eroded - Causes/effects. How to keep positive even during increased demand. To deal with the pressures of every day in the practice we need to become resilient. What is resilience and why does it matter to GP staff? Is it stress or pressure - What's the difference? Examination of the signs of stress and causes with examples at work in the practice. We will uncover your stress levels and creative ways to deal with the effects in a busy healthcare department.



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Val McGarrell - Prima Linea Training Associates 

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