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Educational Accreditation process

Who seeks accreditation?

Individuals and organisations that have developed educational activities/resources or a programme of activities/resources relevant for Continuing Professional Development for GPs and other Primary Care Professionals

RCGP Educational Accreditation is committed to working with CPD and educational organisations to provide flexible, high quality learning solutions, and will strive to keep the process as straightforward and as efficient as possible.

Our criteria are rigorous because we accredit only educational activities. However, we do not operate on a 'pass or fail' basis. Rather, we work with you to help you meet the criteria. Our team of experts are available to provide advice and support.

RCGP Educational Accreditation has continually developed and adapted its accreditation processes with three clear objectives:

  • To ensure our members and other health professionals have absolute confidence in the services provided by organisations whose educational activities have been accredited
  • To help educational providers to improve the standards of their educational resources
  • Helping members to further their professional development in areas of special interest

Step 1. Qualifying criteria for Educational Accreditation

Before applying for Accreditation, all organisations should have read a Guide for Applicants in order to prepare their application to RCGP

Step 2. Apply for Accreditation

Please contact us if you are unable to access any of the Accreditation documents or forms online  

In order to apply you will need to submit the following:

Until we receive an application for accreditation which details the size of your educational programme it is very difficult to provide you with an accurate Accreditation fee. For a summary of the current Accreditation fees please refer to page 11 of the Guide to Applicants or contact us.  

Step 3. Assessment of your application

Once your application and accreditation fee have been accepted by the Accreditation Team your educational activity/resource or programme of activities/resources will be assessed by the Accreditation Panel. Additional information in support of your application may be requested at this stage if required by the Assessors Panel.

Processing of your application may take up to 4 weeks depending on the extent of the detail of the educational activity/resource.

Step 4. Providing Accreditation decision and feedback

  • Accredited: If your application is successful you will receive an accreditation letter and the Accreditation Quality Mark.
  • Not Accredited: If the decision is to not accredit the applicant will be provided with the assessor feedback detailing the reasons as to why the application was not successful.

You will be advised of the Panel’s decision via email. The successfully accredited activity/resource or programme of activities/resources will be listed on the RCGP Educational Accredited Activities/Resources webpage.

Step 5. Reaccreditation

Following the initial accreditation of one year you will be able to renew your accreditation for two further years by submitting:

Step 6. Promotion to RCGP members

The RCGP offer a suite of marketing opportunities for accredited organisations for the period of their accreditation. The RCGP has over 50,000 members and there are a variety of channels used to promote RCGP Accredited CPD activities to members and non-members.

 Standard Promotion - As an RCGP Accredited provider, you will be provided with the following marketing opportunities, free of charge:

  • Use of the RCGP Quality Mark
  • A listing on the Accreditation database
  • A single post on one of the RCGP’s media channels (assigned by the RCGP Accreditation Team)

 Enhanced promotion -  In addition to the opportunities provided in the Standard Promotion, accredited providers are also able to access additional paid-for marketing opportunities. Accredited providers choosing enhanced promotion will also receive:

  • A quarterly social media post
  • Events listed on the Courses and Events database (if applicable)
  • A week on an RCGP carousel (assigned by the Accreditation Team)
  • A quarterly listing on the RCGP Learning ebulletin

 Bespoke promotion: In addition to the marketing opportunities offered above, a quote can be provided for a bespoke marketing package created for your RCGP Accredited educational content. Please speak to a member of the RCGP Accreditation Team at accreditation@rcgp.org.uk to discuss your requirements.

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