Fracture Prevention Practitioner Training (Foundation & Advanced Level)

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This online training course aims to enable Fracture Prevention Practitioners (FPPs) to deliver excellent health care using nationally agreed best practice standards to people with or at risk of osteoporosis and fragility fractures throughout the UK. This is the only course of its kind which provides the underpinning knowledge required to deliver best practice; competencies have been developed to provide assurance of this.

The course has been developed by leading experts in the field of osteoporosis and has been reviewed by a number of leading practitioners across the UK. In addition it has been reviewed by clinical experts affiliated to the National Osteoporosis Society.


1. To provide standards and competencies to support nationally agreed best practice in the field of secondary fracture prevention.

2. To provide evidence of training and competence in the relevant professional field to support practice and ongoing professional accreditation.

3. To provide evidence of quality assurance for health care providers.

How do I do it?

The course has been developed at two levels: Foundation and Advanced. Successful completion of the foundation level will permit access to the advanced. At both levels, self-assessment is undertaken to check understanding and knowledge at the end of each section. Formal (accredited) assessment of learning may be undertaken at the end of both levels to provide foundation and advanced certification as a Fracture Prevention Practitioner.

Annual revalidation will be available to maintain continuing professional development and to ensure clinical practice is kept up to date.

Rules & Regulations

There is open access to the course at both basic and advanced levels. However for those requiring certification, the assessment needs to be completed within one month of registration. Successful completion of the final assessment at the end of the foundation level will allow access to the assessment for the advanced level, which must be completed within one month of registration.

Candidates will be allowed three attempts to successfully complete the assessment at the end of the foundation and advance levels. Failure on the third attempt will prohibit further attempts and the candidate will be required to take a period of time out in order to further revise their knowledge of the course content. This period of time will be set at one month.

Successful completion of either the foundation or advanced assessment with a pass mark of 90% or higher, will enable the candidate to access the corresponding Fracture Prevention Practitioner Certificate.

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