RCGP Trainee ePortfolio: previous version release notes

RCGP Trainee ePortfolio Release Notes

Recent Developments

Due to member feedback from both the AiT committee and RCGP Annual Survey, the College is currently undertaking a programme of work to develop and improve the TeP, which hosts over 11,000 records for current trainees. The development work is focusing on implementing changes to improve the look and feel of the software and enhance the user experience. We have recently finished deployment of the third work package, which included improvements to the functionality, evidence grouping and the user journey

The fourth work package of improvements will be deployed in mid July 2015. This work package will see the insertion of additional contextual help in to the ePortfolio in order to aid the usability of the system and improve the user experience. 

August 2013

The RCGP is pleased to announce a brand new version of the Trainee ePortfolio was released on Thursday 8 August 2013.

The Trainee ePortfolio website has been rewritten and rebuilt with a new database structure. This was a significant development to update the technology of the application.

What’s new

Web Address
The Trainee ePortfolio site is now hosted alongside the Revalidation ePortfolio, please login here:


Users with access to both Trainee and Revalidation ePortfolios will be presented with a choice of entering either application.

Where presented with the Revalidation Terms & Conditions, please accept these to proceed.

Some users may receive a pop-up warning which can be closed and navigated through to access the Trainee ePortfolio.

If you are still unable to access the Trainee ePortfolio, please contact the Helpdesk. telephone 020 3188 7655.

  • New look and feel
    The layout and format of the website has been updated with a more modern feel including a new dashboard. The dashboard presents key information upfront for several areas and provides navigational links for the ePortfolio.

  • New Learning Log categories
    ‘Placement Planning Meeting’ and ‘Academic Activity’ have been added as new learning log types with corresponding questions.

  • Learning Log Curriculum statement headings
    Learning Logs can now only be linked to a maximum of three curriculum statements.

  • Calendars
    For date fields, a new calendar interface has been added, when the calendar appears, click on the ‘bar’ between the two arrows to toggle views between days/months/years.

  • Requesting assessments
    Trainees can now generate an email to assessors to request to have the relevant evidence forms completed. The email will contain a web link to allow the recipient to navigate directly to the form entry portal.

  • Summary tables curriculum and competence areas
    Learning logs and evidence will be grouped by ‘Review Period’, ‘ST Year’ and ‘Totals’ in a new summary view.

  • ESR Trainee Self Rating evidence linking
    In Self Rating, Trainees will be presented with a summary of related evidence for each competence area for the current review period. When completing the self rating, the trainee should select individual pieces of evidence such as learning logs or assessments (CbD, COT, etc) as evidence to demonstrate their progression against each competence area. A maximum of three pieces of evidence can be linked to each competence area. The trainee should also explain why the evidence they have selected demonstrates progression, and make suggestions for an action plan for future development.

  • ESR Educational supervisor competence feedback
    Educational Supervisors will have visibility of the Trainee’s self rating on the same page as their feedback form in the ESR, including the linked evidence.

    There is a new (Yes/No) question, “Do you agree that the evidence the trainee has provided demonstrates sufficient progression in the current review period?” The ES can link up to a further 3 pieces of evidence to support their own assessment from a summary table of all evidence during that review period which relates to that specific competence.

    Narrative, explanatory text to support their judgements will still need to be entered in the evidence box. The ES should discuss the ‘Suggested Actions’ with the Trainee and enter their agreed actions in the ‘Agreed Actions’ boxes.

  • ESR Educational supervisor PDP
    The ‘Agreed Actions’ area on the final page of the ESR can be auto-populated by linking Actions from the competence area sections. Up to 5 actions can be linked, the 5 action fields on the final page can be manually completed and edited where required, three are mandatory.
    When the ESR is completed, these actions will be automatically inserted into the Trainee’s PDP with labels to indicate they have come from the review.

  • Forgotten password
    On the new homepage there are 3 forgotten password links. If you are a Trainee, please use the first link.

    All other roles please use the third forgotten password link which will ask for your registered email address and generate an email to reset your password.

  • Changing your username
    If you wish to amend your username in the new site, it will be whatever you set as your email address in ‘Personal Details’. To continue to receive email notifications please ensure you update your details with a valid email address (you will need a unique email address for each account you have in the Trainee ePortfolio).

  • Administrators import posts
    Each Deanery will have access to the ‘Import Posts’ function, which allows Admins to upload some Post details in bulk. This uses a generic template downloadable from the site.

  • Panel Member role
    The ARCP form can now be edited up until the Panel Chair signs it off.

General Updates

Over 50 additional improvements and updates have been introduced based upon feedback received from users of the Trainee ePortfolio.

Known Bugs

Our developers are continuing to address bugs within the application which may be encountered from time to time. Fixes will be applied as soon as possible and details provided on the website.

Please note the following:

ESR ST1—1 and Post 01/07/2000
We have had to insert data in to the database to reinforce some of the logic in the website.

These will currently display in the ESR summary table and Posts:

ESR ST- -1 Dated 01/08/2000 rated ‘Satisfactory Progress’

Post Dated 01/07/2000-01/08/2000 ST1//Z RCGP Test Location 1/General Practice/Full Time, Educational Supervisor Not Specified

This is placeholder information only and will be hidden in due course. Please do not attempt to edit or delete these entries as this could cause issues in the ePortfolio database.

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