RCGP Trainee ePortfolio Pre release notes

Recent Developments

Due to member feedback from both the AiT committee and RCGP Annual Survey, the College is currently undertaking a programme of work to develop and improve the TeP, which hosts over 11,000 records for current trainees. The development work is focusing on implementing changes to improve the look and feel of the software and enhance the user experience.

What’s new

The first iteration of Work Package 5 sees the implementation of Index Defragmentation. The Trainee ePortfolio houses a substantial database of over 70 tables where millions of records are queried and stored throughout the year. This results in a large number of fragmented files which have a negative effect on application performance and responsiveness. The College has implemented a holistic solution to defragment all the files in the database resulting in much improved page loading times and responsiveness. These performance improvements should be noticeable for all Trainees and Educational Supervisors providing internal networks and local hardware are not underperforming.

Here are some of the results recorded during testing phase. Please note: times are recorded in seconds:

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