RCGP Trainee ePortfolio: current version release notes

RCGP Trainee ePortfolio release notes 15 December 2014

The RCGP is pleased to announce an update has been applied to the Trainee ePortfolio on Monday 15 December 2014.

Recent Developments

Due to member feedback from both the AiT committee and RCGP Annual Survey, the College is currently undertaking a programme of work to develop and improve the TeP, which hosts over 11,000 records for current trainees. The development work is focusing on implementing changes to improve the look and feel of the software and enhance the user experience. We have recently finished deployment of the third work package, which included improvements to the functionality, evidence grouping and the user journey

The fourth work package of improvements will be deployed in mid July 2015. This work package will see the insertion of additional contextual help in to the ePortfolio in order to aid the usability of the system and improve the user experience. 

What’s new

Site Timeout pop-up

As with most websites where a user session is created, the Trainee ePortfolio is set to timeout after a set period (60 minutes).

Some users have observed that their work is not being saved as expected where the timeout has occurred, either owing to a lengthy text entry, or after an hour of using the site. This application update introduces a new pop-up function which will indicate when a user’s session is going to expire. Clicking on this message in the advertised time, will extend the user session and allow them to complete and save their work.

Please note: the session will expire as normal if the pop-up is not clicked during the advertised time.

Additional measures have been activated to promote the maintenance of the user session where site navigation is detected, for example, switching between text boxes and pages.

Clinical Examination and Procedural Skills (CEPS)

For more information regarding CEPS, please visit this page.

Full link: http://www.rcgp.org.uk/training-exams/mrcgp-workplace-based-assessment-wpba/dops-tool-for-mrcgp-workplace-based-assessment.aspx

Changes in the Trainee ePortfolio related to CEPS:

New competency ‘Clinical Examination and Procedural Skills’ and new word picture. This will require assessment by both Trainees and Educational Supervisors as part of the Educational Supervisor Report (ESR).

New Learning Log type: ‘Clinical Examination and Procedural Skills’.

New Assessment Form: ‘Clinical Examination and Procedural Skills’ (CEPS).

ESR Skills Log. The Skills Log section will be updated to contain the following questions:

  1. Are there any concerns about the trainee’s clinical examination or procedural skills? If the answer is, “yes” please expand on the concerns and give an outline of a plan to rectify the issues.
  2. What evidence of progress is there in the conduct of genital and other intimate examinations (at this stage of training), with reference to any previous reviews? Please refer to specific evidence since the last review including Learning Log entries, COTs and CBDs etc.
  3. What does the trainee now need to do to improve their clinical examination and procedural skills?

CSR: Minor change to wording of existing question (‘takes a history, examines and investigates systematically and appropriately’ now reads ‘takes a history and investigates systematically and appropriately’) and addition of a new question: ‘Examines appropriately and correctly identifies any abnormal findings, (please comment on specific examinations observed)’.

COT: Updated descriptor for criterion 6.

MSF: Updated wording for guidance of Clinical Assessors to consider ‘Clinical and Procedural Skills observed’.

RCGP Trainee ePortfolio known issues

Here is a list of the higher priority known issues that have been raised for fixing to our developers.

  • Browser Issues: Some browsers behave differently. We are working to improve consistency across platforms.
  • Site layout: the site format has been updated to use the width of the screen, all pages will be tidied and formatted to make the best use of this change.
  • Speed: General site speed issues.
  • IE7: an error when trying to download files from ePortfolio. This is caused by browser security settings.
  • Administrator Reporting: The reporting function has been installed, reports will be restored incrementally.

(last updated 15 December 2014)


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