RCGP Trainee ePortfolio: current version release notes

RCGP Trainee ePortfolio release notes 28 April 2014

The RCGP is pleased to announce an update has been applied to the Trainee ePortfolio on Monday 28 April 2014.

What’s new

Database and Application optimisation

In order to improve site performance, especially during busy periods, developers are working to improve the behaviour of the database and the website. Areas for focus on this occasion included: Learning Logs, Educational Supervisors Report, Evidence and Messaging.


Regulatory update to the ARCP form to include an additional field for ‘absence in days’.

Indicators for Potential Underperformance

Additional contextual guidance for Trainees and Supervisors in the ‘word pictures’ for each professional competence area to help recognise ‘IPUs’. A link to a supporting guide has been added to the site also.

The following updates and fixes apply to the Educational Supervisors Report:

Updated text labels to the actions boxes to differentiate suggested and agreed actions.

The updated ESR includes a question for the ES (yes/no). The responses have been made visible.

Fixed a bug where some users are presented with the error “given key was not present in dictionary” in the competence areas.

Updated layout to display contents of feedback including linked evidence without having to click on individual records.

Fixed an issue where some text may be cropped in the pdf.

Fixed an issue where tagged evidence may display temporarily as ‘0’.

Aligned question and answer text.

Tweak the display of PDP logic.

Fixed an issue where line breaks and paragraphs are lost.

Updated the logic for accessing the final page, behaviour is different using the navigation tab or the ‘continue and save’ button.

Internet Explorer 8: Issue resolved for exporting ESRs.

Admin Reporting

Some Admin reporting will be restored in the weeks following this update.

Additional updates include:

CSR: corrected an issue where version 1 results are displaying incorrectly.

CbD: tweaked the logic for displaying CbD’s submitted in a review period.

Text not visible issue: html tags can render some text entries invisible (e.g. < and >).

Advisor: fixed a bug where advisors are unable to see Trainees who are not currently in a post.

Educators’ Notes: Fixed an issue where line breaks and paragraphs are lost.

Learning Log: fixed a bug where the ‘new comments’ notification is permanently displayed.

Printing: Documents now display name of Trainee and, if different, name and role of person printing off the record for administrative purposes.

Minor User Interface updates.

RCGP Trainee ePortfolio known issues

Here is an up-to-date list of the higher priority known issues that have been raised for fixing to our developers. They are being worked on based upon number of users affected, the functionality they relate to and the impact to usage of the site.

  • Browser Issues: Some browsers behave differently. We are working to improve consistency across platforms.
  • Site layout: the site format has been updated to use the width of the screen, all pages will be tidied and formatted to make the best use of this change.
  • Learning Log / PDP’s: a minority of Trainees may not be able to locate some records. All historical records have been backed up. If this needs to be completed on an individual basis, please raise an enquiry via the helpdesk.
  • Speed: General site speed issues.
  • IE7: an error when trying to download files from ePortfolio. This is caused by browser security settings
  • Administrator Reporting: The reporting function has been installed, reports will be restored incrementally.
  • Declarations: update to display to declarations required where the Trainee has discussed issues with their deanery.
  • ESR: display of ‘evidence’ text cut off in the pdf download.
  • ESR: user interface issues.
  • ES: list of trainees to be corrected to alphabetical by surname.

(last updated 28 April 2014)

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